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Save time managing social media for your business.

Buffer makes it easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place.

Every typical list of top tools to use for agile work environment suggests that you need a social media management platform. Everybody says that you need a separate SaaS tool to manage business profiles and that the process is more complicated than just doing the regular stuff online as you used to do on your personal social media account. But the main question is: "Why exactly do you need the tool and which one?". You might be thinking: "Well, 80,000+ companies use Buffer, it should also be the right one for me, shouldn't it?"

We understand your confusion. Since the market is overcrowded with powerful software that claims to do the same thing: manage social media more effectively, productively, improve engagement and all other great benefits. And they all claim to accomplish one goal. But is it really true? We know that it can be hard to see the difference between and Buffer. So, we are here to help.

At our goal is not to push our software to you. The aim of this article is to truly help you understand if

1. Do you need a separate tool?

2.If yes, then which one is better Buffer or according to your own needs.

What is a social media managing platform?

Business social media profiles receive customers complaints, feedback and some of those will be directed to your account and require fast response. Notice that in a majority of cases people would tweet and talk about your product without mentioning you. The majority of those who talk about you - are your customers or potential buyers. So whatever they say online is important.

Your targeted audience spread across the web, all you need to do is to catch their attention, bring them to your profiles and explain benefits your product gives.

You need a tool that enables you to perform the following actions:

  1. Helps you to schedule post for the future. You won't be able to post social media posts manually each day at perfect hours. It is too time-consuming.
  2. Helps you to find your target audience in social media.
  3. Helps you analyze performance. The more detailed analytics features are better. Some offer exportable reports, some include only minor details, which aren't helpful.
  4. Helps you to engage with followers.
  5. Option to collaborate with teammates is essential.

Those are the main criteria you should be looking for and those are the critical point we will compare Buffer and platforms to clarify your confusion.

Buffer consists of 3 separate products: Buffer Publish, Buffer Reply, Buffer Analyze. Which means these 3 have different subscription plans and different features. It is up to decide which ones to purchase and to which functions you need for your organization. The more you want the higher is the price tag.

For example here are all pricing plans monthly based:

Buffer Publish: Schedule content and check analytics for all your social accounts in one place, rather than going to six different networks.

Buffer Reply: Reply makes it simple for marketing and support teams to respond to social conversations — all in one team inbox.

Buffer Analyze: A better way to measure performance on social media. Get meaningful stats on your social media marketing. See how your posts have performed and which types of content perform best with your audience.

Buffer Analyze is still developing, so the pricing page is not available at the moment.

Let's come back to our criteria.

  1. Buffer is a tool that will help you to schedule all your future social media post in advance to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Honestly, even the starting plan, which allows you to create 100 posts per account is enough. In Twitter or Pinterest you might want to implement "3 posts per day" strategy, other than that... Posting too much to LinkedIn or Facebook will simply annoy your followers and the engagement will fall. If you employ one social media manager she won't be able to come up with amazing and great 1000 post per social media. Quality over quantity is the best strategy.
  2. It doesn't have an option to search for the target audience. You will need a separate tool to search for target audience online.
  3. Reports are available only from "Premium" plan ( $65 per month), and even then reports only show engagement rates, amount of likes, clicks, retweets, and replies. Ideally, you need more depth in data to truly understand your content strategies performance.
  4. Buffer Analyze is aiming to provide users a better way to analyze content performance. The tool is under development. But in the future, it claims to enable you to track key engagement metrics on the posts you’ve shared, so you can easily see how your content has performed and what resonates most with your followers.

    Moreover, the reports will be exportable. You need this option to share results with shareholders easily.

    We don't know how much more you will be charged for these features.

  5. If you subscribe to Buffer Reply product you will be able to respond to your messages from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, from one simple team inbox.
  6. Reply makes social media engagement possible for teams of all sizes. There is an option to filter conversations so that your team can focus on meaningful conversations and be more efficient.

    The most interesting and very unique to Buffer is that the management platform enables you to see the whole picture on every social conversation. The software shows your followers' profile. Your team needs it for personalized responses that ultimately creates a bond between you and customers.

    The profile shows customers' past conversations, followers count, verified user badges and photo as well as bio description.

    All these actions by your social media team can be analyzed with the help of actionable reports that shows you key metrics.

    Overall, Buffer is a powerful platform to manage all your social media accounts. The pricing is complicated and features can be performed only in separate tools. If you want to schedule posts you need Buffer Publish. If you want to engage with followers you need to open Buffer Reply. And then open Buffer Analyze for analytics. It brings difficulty to understand which plans to choose and what you need out of all the features provided.

Your secret alternative to Buffer – has a different approach. We have successfully managed to build a reputation of a very transparent company. We are truly all-in-one social media management platform. Remember our criteria? You won't need 3 separate tools to implement all social media strategies and tactics. does it all for you in one simple dashboard. Also, you don't need to pay separately for each of its features.

This is the main difference between Buffer and has very easy-to-understand pricing strategies. All features are available in all plans:

Publish posts: Prepare a content plan in advance for all social media and schedule all with added features like tracking approval and revision processes. Save time by working on the joint schedule with your team.

Engage with followers: All important messages from customers won't be missed. Moreover, no need to open each social media and move in between tabs. Every customer interactions are summarized and displayed in one place. Also, you can filter all conversation and assign tasks to answer to specific clients with adding notes to your colleagues.

Listen: Crisis and reputation management is now possible in all languages, without any keyword limitations. Track what people say about you across all the web.

Reports: Preparing social media marketing reports used to take hours. Our daily, weekly, and monthly reports are prepared in minutes and are exportable for free. Let your stakeholders know about your performance.

Competitor analytics: You don't need to spend hours analyzing your competitors. Make an intelligent decision based on detailed data.

The difference between plans lies in how many people work in your team, which integrations you would like to incorporate and how big is your social media following.

To be exactly honest, here is a list of disadvantages in comparison to Buffer:

  • doesn't support link shortening. We can recommend you to use free Bitly service instead.
  • doesn't show people's full profile as Buffer Reply does. You have an option to manually include to customer's profile personal information such as telephone number, previous interactions and the software automatically shows social media followers number.
  • On Instagram adding location can be a small trick to increase impressions rate. So, your posts will be more discoverable.
  • A small number of integrations. The personal plan($3/month) only includes integration with Zapier. Intercom integration is available at Team plan ($6/month). And very soon the Enterprise plan ($12/month) will also include Slack.

Other than that offers powerful features that meet all our 4 criteria. Since we've already discussed our awesome features.Let us give you some tips and tricks to get the best of the software.

  • Analyze not only your content performance but also track how competitors are performing. It can be a good indicator in case you see a drop in engagement rates and overall the performance is declining. If others face the same issue maybe it is related to a season. During the Easter Holiday in Europe or Christmas workers (aka your target audience) is less likely to check social media and more likely to spend quality time with family members. So, your team is doing nothing wrong.
  • Understand all metrics provided in a report. There are a lot of data that provides, but not all of them are important for you. For example, the number of likes should be given less priority rather than Impressions/ Reach rate. (Find out more about Instagram metrics here.)
  • Listen feature is extremely powerful and can be your secret weapon at outperforming your competitors. Basically, you need to approach online users who talk about your target topic. For example, if you are a sustainable clothing brand for minimalist, and you want to find environmentally conscious people, you need to keep track of keywords like "Zero waste, minimalist, save the planet" and Listen mode will display you everybody who talks about the related subject. Focus on your ideal customers and use Listen feature to find them in the vast pool of social media posts
To wrap this long article up,

We tried to provide you all the details you needed to make the choice that will work for you. Choosing a social media management platform is complicated and is a commitment, since "moving" to another one is more complicated than you might think.

Both and Buffer are great tools that will truly improve your social media marketing efforts and make it more productive. There isn't the best social media management platform, that equally works for every company size and marketing tactics. Find the one that works for you.