How to write good Instagram captions?
  • How to write good Instagram captions?
We’ve analyzed the content of more than 2,000 social media marketers and distilled it into an action-ready framework that helps teams develop their own voice in the crowded Instagram arena.
Updated for the last time on Dec 22, 2021
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  • How to write good Instagram captions?
A recipe for engaging Instagram captions.
A list of helpful tools for writing better captions.
Instagram marketing tips from industry experts.

This ebook won’t give you 1,000 examples of great captions that you can then just copy and paste. We want to show you the right approach to writing captions that work for your brand alone!

One size doesn’t fit all. Simply copying and pasting ideas from a list of the best Instagram captions will cause Instagram to shadowban you, hurting your ability to position and differentiate your brand.

Be original and come up with your own unique captions. It’s easier than you think. All you need—in addition to your own style of expression—is clear guidance about what makes a caption effective. The result: more loyal followers who actively engage with your Instagram posts.

Don’t be afraid of the difficulties. Social media marketing on Instagram is not easy. But once you take full advantage of the algorithm by understanding your target audience, you can build an outstanding social media presence. And then Instagram will reward you by boosting your bottom line. Instagram captions are a big part of the puzzle. An essential part.

Our ebook does two things. First, we show you how well-known brands with large marketing departments write captions. Second, we explain how to develop the right approach to writing your own Instagram captions—captions your audience will love to read.