What’s New On Sociality.io? – February 2019

What’s New On Sociality.io? – February 2019

Hello everyone,
Here you’ll find what did we do on Sociality.io in February.
Let’s take a closer look on The News of February 2019.

New Features – February 2019

Get ready for some new amazing stuff! We are happy to announce our new toys below and please feel free to share your feedbacks:

  • Now you don’t need to edit your pending posts to change its publish date! You can just drag and drop your posts on our calendar.
  • Do you need to publish same post again? It takes a bit time to create all the post again but now we have Duplicate” button to solve this problem!

Improvements – February 2019

We are aware of several issues to increase our customers’ satisfaction with our tool. You can see our latest improvements below:

  • The displaying problem of most active users in reports is now solved and you can create your page reports much faster than usual, especially for Facebook.
  • Now you can preview your posts for mobile while composing!

Bugfixes – February 2019

As your business grows, we are also working hard to improve your Sociality.io experience and our team pleased to announce fixed issues in the last month.

  • Continued optimizing overall system performance.
  • Bug on keyword filtering on Engage and Listen modules is now solved.
  • Missing special days on calendar is now fixed.
  • The duplication problem of conversations and mentions on Engage and Listen modules is now stable.
  • Also we have solved several issues on our new onboarding process.