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With, you can prepare content plans, track approval and revision processes and easily schedule approved content.

All in one
social media management platform.




Benefit description

Benefit description

Benefit description


Benefit description

Whole web and social media, as many keywords as you like.

  • Monitor all social platforms with your keywords.
  • Track everything about your brand and competitors.
  • Avoid crises with free alert e-mails.

Improve Risk Monitoring

Proactively monitor the web
and social media to address and de-escalate crises. 

Pull Reports Efficiently

Export instant reports of
all accounts as PPT or Excel files at any interval.

Publish Content Faster

Prepare content plans, track revision processes and easily schedule approved content.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Never miss a social media message. Respond to all comments on the same screen.

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Özge Özdemir

"After we started working with, our working efficiency has clearly improved. In parallel, our workload has become relatively lighter. It also helped with processes such as approval, revision, etc. with our customers. Both our customers and we are now able to use time more efficiently." 

Social Media Director / Project House Agency a Member of HAVAS 

We work with fantastic clients.

"Thanks to, the atmosphere of chaos was gone. You are making a timely profit, something you can not compare with that money. From this point of view, it is one of the most valuable software for us because it is a platform that saves time for both us and the customer."

Erhan Özkantarcı

Agency Leader / Saatchi & Saatchi Istanbul / Vivaki Creative

All data on one platform.

Ready-to-present reports without interval limitations.

  • Prepare your account reports within a few minutes.
  • Reduce work by creating long-term reports at once.
  • Boost your performance with detailed Excel and Powerpoint files.

All reports ready in a few minutes.

Detailed competitor insights, accurate strategic decisions.

  • Analyze competitor activities on all platforms.
  • Create your comparison reports in a few minutes.
  • Be one step ahead of the competition with informative insights.

All competitors in one report.

Publish on all platforms with a quick approval process.

  • Plan your content for multiple channels at once.
  • No more content plan tracking by email.
  • Reduce your approval process to a couple of minutes.

All content in one calendar.

Publish, engage, listen and report.

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