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How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media?

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When it comes to social media, the video content is the winning one. Lots of brands are emphasizing the importance of social videos in their marketing efforts to grow the revenue of their businesses for 49% yearly.

Builds awareness faster

Builds awareness faster

Increases customer retention

Increases customer retention

Builds trust

Builds trust


The very first seconds of the video are hugely important because it’s then when you are able to grab the viewer’s attention which is so hard to get these days. You should transmit the information of what the video is about and “promise” the value for the person who’ll watch your video in a very limited amount of time. Making a fast introduction within a few seconds will help you trigger your audience’s interest. Imagine it as the subject of an email. If it doesn’t inspire you, will you open it? Of course not. So, begin your video with a very short and informative introduction.

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