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If you are promoting a company whose clients are top managers, HR specialists, marketers, foreign specialists, then LinkedIn is your sacred social network. Not only it is a hub that connects your target audience – LinkedIn traffic brings more value compared with other social media. So, LinkedIn a great place to build your audience and attract potential customers. You probably have already tried to grow your LinkedIn business account. And it didn’t work…

Outperform YouTube Algorithm

Understanding LinkedIn Environment

What Kind of Content Attracts Subscribers?

Quality Over Quantity

Create a Community

Step by Step Growth Guideline


When it comes to social media following – companies often require instant gratification and constant followers growth. Business owners want to see their LinkedIn pages to grow exponentially for very wrong reasons. Don’t fall into the same trap. LinkedIn is a very unique social network, where everything from user behavior to the algorithm is different and serves a different purpose.

Main Headlines of the eBook

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tick-mark Guide to LinkedIn content that converts

tick-mark Broadcast articles and opinions

tick-mark Human face

tick-mark LinkedIn Groups

tick-mark Social proof inside your LinkedIn page

tick-mark Consistent posting shows that the company is alive

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