Agorapulse vs
Agorapulse vs

Are you currently managing your social media pages via Agora Pulse but looking for a better solution? 

Welcome to! We are humbled to see your interest in our platform. While Agora Pulse and are both full-featured solutions that have similar modules, we’d like to tell you more about ourselves and how we compare with Agora Pulse. might not be the perfect tool for every business out there. Thus we believe in putting our cards on a table. In the following comparison table, we explain our unique features that drive results at the time honestly pointing to gaps for improvement. 

Since 2015 we have been on a mission to develop the best solution to the current and newly emerging needs of social media marketers. So let us guide you through your search for the best alternative. 

Sociality.ioAgora Pulse
Listen: web, news, and blogsYesNo
Promoted Instagram posts comments filtersYesNo
Advanced mobile application with all features in one placeYesNo
Affordable pricing for teamsYesNo

Listen to web, news, blog to get a bigger picture

Both Agora Pulse and take you right to the brand-related conversations without never-ending newsfeeds and streams of irrelevant content. 

Listen module Gif

With our tool you can track the following listening searches all in one place:

  • Public mentions of your page on Facebook
  • Usernames, URLs, and keywords on Twitter
  • Usernames and hashtags on Twitter
  • Usernames and keywords on Youtube

But in comparison to Agora Pulse, we help you to uncover greater results with the help of news, blogs, and the web. 

Agora Pulse vs - Listen module of

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Conversations around your brand occur not only in social networks but also in forums, news articles, and blogs. Wouldn’t you want to see the whole picture and learn more about your brand health? 

Inside our Listen module, we show you source, domain rank, country. On top of that, our auto-sentiment analysis categorizes all listening search results in negative, neutral, and positive. 

Sentiment analysis

Have a big team? Assign a conversation to the right team member for a productive collaboration. 

Assign conversation -

Mobile application: achieve more on the go

Do you carry a laptop everywhere? Social media marketing is dynamic and requires dynamic solutions that solve your needs. Whether you are away from your desk, on top of a mountain, or in the deep cave… As long as you have access to the internet we’ll make sure that posts are approved and scheduled, engagement is monitored, reports are ready, and competitors are being tracked. 

Our app is the best in the market! Go and check it out. We packed our all modules inside an application that is always with you. On the go, as it should be. 

Discover advanced competitor analysis features

Agora Pulse vs - Advanced competitor analysis features

Access your competitors’ metrics without mess, all in one place. 

Agora Pulse shows you your pages metrics, which eliminated time-consuming manual labor processes that take hours of your time. Yes, social media managing platforms are awesome at providing automated, detailed reports. 

But wouldn’t it be great to compare your detailed reports to competitors’ detailed reports? Like in the example down below. 🙂 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube competitor analysis reports in a few minutes. Because metrics are worthless without the right benchmark.

Discover advanced competitor analysis features
Agora Pulse vs - Growth of followers graph pricing plans drives higher ROIs

Agora Pulse vs Gif

Let’s talk about numbers, shall we? 

Agorapulse vs pricing

Consider you need the following parameters: 

  • 30 social media profiles
  • 3 Team members 
  • You require workflow, reporting, analyzing features

Here is how and Agora Pulse price your needs: 

  • $4240 per year
  • Agora Pulse $3348 per year

Looking for a different plan? Our pricing tool will help you to choose the right tool for your needs.

Since 2015 team has been on a mission to understand the market and customers’ needs and build a tool that efficiently helps you to reach your social media marketing goals. It all started with a simple publishing tool we have successfully transformed into a powerful social media management platform that is trusted by hundreds of companies around the globe. 

Some of the exciting numbers we have

  • More than 8.000 social media accounts that have a total of 440M+ followers are managed by our tool.
  • We have customers that are located in 50 countries.
  • 2.000+ marketers are using our solution
  • Now, we have two bases: Istanbul & London.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, where an awesome support team is always happy to help!

Agora Pulse vs - Meet our clients
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