Beyond Beta August 2022 at
Beyond Beta August 2022 at


Have you joined the “One Word Tweet” challenge? 👀

Autumn started crazy! It all started when the US train company Amtrak accidentally tweeted the word “trains.” Then it sparked a viral trend with the US president, NASA, and even Marvel superheroes jumping on the bandwagon. 

The power of social media has been talked about all the time, but it’s never been clearer to see its power. Keep working for social and never miss updates, folks — so do we!

Here is our summary: in August 2022 ✨

Social Media News in a NutshellGet the latest social media news, insights, and marketing tips in your inbox once a week. August 2022 - New Features

Welcome! (Updated, improved, and got better 😌) August 2022 - New homepage

We have updated our Homepage on the tool. So, we welcome you in a more functional, colorful, and better way. Hope you like the new version. We think the new homepage will allow you to reach, understand and manage everything about your account details in one place with ease!

What we have added is highlighted in the visual above. Let’s dive into the details real quick! Here is what is waiting for you on the new Homepage ✨

  • You can reach the latest news, updates, and insights with one click to stay up to date! 
  • The support button will always be there – in case you need us. (Or just to have a chat 🤗)
  • Improved the brand summary area. Quick search among your brands is possible now with ease.
  • Looking for your account details? Got you! We added a snapshot of expired tokens, invoice details, and plan information 👍
  • Switching between your teams got easy too! One-click is now all you need 🙃

Analytics reports: Whenever you want! August 2022 - Auto scheduled reports

We know that the social media reporting period is tough, and the process is overwhelming. 

However, it’s pointless to create content for social media marketing campaigns if you’re not tracking your performance 🥲

So, we are trying our best to improve our Analytics module continuously to provide you with some ease. This time, we devised the scheduling option for the page reports you create 🕓

All you need to do is as follows:

  1. Generate your report.
  2. Go to the “Schedule” icon and click.
  3. Fill in the details and your preferences in the pop-up that appears.
    • Choose the report format you want out of PPT, PDF, CSV, and XLS.
    • Name your report.
    • Select frequency. (Weekly, monthly, or quarterly)
    • Add e-mail addresses you want your reports to send right into the inbox.
  4. Voila 🥁 All is set now!

New: Hashtag analysis table for Instagram and Twitter in Competitor Analysis ✨ August 2022 - New: Hashtag analysis table for Instagram and Twitter in Competitor Analysis

We have launched the hashtag analysis table for IG and TW in the Competitor Analysis module 🥁

Now you can simply track and uncover the hashtags that are used and worked best by your Twitter and Instagram competitors. Stay in the loop to gain visibility power with hashtag analysis. Enhance your Twitter and Instagram management experience by getting more done with less. August 2022 - Improvements

New: Sorting by “Play” data for Reels in IG reports 💁🏻‍♀️ August 2022 - Sorting by "Play" data for Reels in IG reports

Instagram Reels is one of the industry’s most powerful players and Instagram’s favorite format. It has changed social media marketing a lot — here is how. And for sure, the primary benefit of Reels is creating brand awareness by enabling your content to be seen on the Explore page and an endless feed of Reels. The more your Reels are played and seen, the more your content can be explored 🚀

When that is the case, tracking, measuring, and building strategies based on the IG Reels metrics is a goldmine action for social media marketers. We also felt the same and added the sorting option based on the play data for IG Reels. You can easily sort highest to lowest and lowest to highest Reels play with one click on your Instagram page reports 👍

Hope that feature helps you to understand better which content is working best for your audience 🤗

Enriched: Hashtag analysis on Twitter page reports #️⃣

Hashtag analysis on Twitter page reports

We use hashtags every day to reach more people with similar interests, but what about measuring their efficiency? 🧐

Well, it is so easy now because we have added the hashtag analysis table on Twitter page reports under the Analytics module. (Hashtag analysis table is also available for the Instagram reports – as we have announced before

All you need to do is to discover the hashtags that work best to increase your Twitter content’s reach and engagement. Stay in the loop with hashtag analysis, and enhance your Twitter experience by getting more done with less.

  • Must-have: General system improvement on the platform 🙃
  • Fixed the disappearing thumbnail of Reels in IG reports. They are now visible!
  • Solved the issue where conversations were not appearing in the “Closed” section in the Engage module.
  • We made an improvement to fix the appearance of graphs in competitor analysis annual reports. They are all so cool now – as usual! 😎
  • Fixed brand logo and profile picture problems across the platform. They are shining again ✨
  • Of course, we took care of mobile too. Mobile improvements were successfully made 🤟🏻
  • Anything else? Well, give us a heads up 👉 [email protected]
  • See you in Beyond Beta September next month 🥰 
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