Beyond Beta July 2021 at
Beyond Beta July 2021 at

Since July was in full kaizen mode for us, we have set it as our motto for this month. For those who have no idea about it, kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better“. Well, while everything around us is changing rapidly for the better, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with this change! Let’s take a look at the changes that we had in the previous month. Here is our summary of July… July 2021 -new features mobile app is live now! July 2021 - Mobile app is live

Managing social media on the go is enjoyable yet complicated, we know it. No worries, with’s mobile app social media management process is more enjoyable, colorful, and dynamic. 

Do not wait any longer to meet our desktop-level social media management mobile app for iOS and Android.

You may have heard of “Trends”, don’t you? Then you should meet with one of our free tools that help you to optimize your time when trying to catch the changing trends every second. Oh almost forgetting about the best news, in the next quarter we are planning to add new platforms and customization options to make your experience better. Stay tuned!

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New onboarding page for user invitation

New onboarding page for user invitation

Ready to have a new onboarding experience? We have updated our onboarding page for the user invitations. You are invited to see the changes 📢 Have your password ready and ask your teammates to let you join the party. There is still a place for you.

Removing harmful content from mentions

Unfortunately, we all suffer from harmful and irrelevant content on the internet. In order to better your experience and protect you from that kind of content, we decided to filter them on the listen module so that you will be experiencing safe content rather than harmful and irrelevant content.

Google articles are also with us afterward

In our listening module, we have added the Google Articles so that you will be able to see them in results after that. Moreover, overall system improvements have been meticulously done in the Web Listening module for you to have a better experience. July 2021 -Bugfixes
  • We received the first feedbacks about our newly-released mobile application and made improvements about the content publishing in line with this feedbacks.
  • We also think that time is relative but not for the tool, right. We fixed the bug of showing different times on modal and calendar for Linkedin.
  • Improvements were made in the settings section in the profile, you better try to see them.
  • We don’t like “loading” phrases right? No worries then. We have fixed the issue with conversations remaining in the “loading” section of Instagram mentions.
  • Another bug was solved…The problem was about exporting the conversation activities in the engage module, but not anymore.
  • What else can we help you with? Just give us a heads up, you know where you can find us here: [email protected] 
You are welcome gif
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