Beyond Beta July 2022 at
Beyond Beta July 2022 at

Do not miss the celebration 🥳

✨ Happy “Simplify Your Life Week” and “Single Working Woman’s Day.” ✨

Yes, you heard right. According to some resources, the week of August 1-7 is celebrated as “Simplify Your Life Week” and today is celebrated as “Single Working Woman’s Day.”

An amazing and happy week to my powerful ladies and everyone looking to simplify their life 🤗 We have some special updates, new features, and improvements for you to simplify your social media management journey.

Let’s jump in!

Ladies and gentlemen: in July 2022 ✨

Social Media News in a NutshellGet the latest social media news, insights, and marketing tips in your inbox once a week. July 2022 - Reminder July 2022 - Old reports in Analytics module

Our new reports are live now! We have added many new data, nicer graphics, better representations, and more. Most of our users have already completed their migration to new reports 🥳

Haven’t you migrated to new reports yet? 😔

👉 Here is your reminder and the last call: Our old reports will be removed from publication as of September 1st. So, please be sure to migrate to the new report type before September 1st and back up your old reports – if you think it will be necessary. July 2022 - New features

Reels Insights are available on Instagram reports 🍀

Reels Insights are available on Instagram reports with

From now on, you can see your Instagram Reels metrics in one place and get insights with ease. We have added a section called “Reels insights” to our Analytics module. All you need to do is check your Instagram reports and scroll a bit. To have an idea beforehand, here are some of the graphs and metrics you will see:

  • Reels reach and plays,
  • Daily reels plays,
  • Daily reels reach,
  • Reels organic Engagement Rate,
  • Daily organic Engagement Rate and more.

Completely renewed: Report export 🖨

Report Export renewed

We were getting feedback on long waiting times and high file sizes in reports that were exported 🥲 We heard your feedback and made some improvements on the reports export process 🚀 Now, you can export your reports much faster due to the greatly reduced size of the exported files.

Let’s summarize what is waiting for you while exporting reports with numbers ⤵️

  • Our improvements have accelerated the file export process by ≈60%, and your waiting times will now be much less.
  • The size of the exported files has been optimized, and the file size has been reduced to around ≈3MB, which used to be around 10MB.

Details of Instagram Reels via postcards ✨

Details of Instagram Reels via postcards

As mentioned above, we have completed our integration with Instagram Reels. To let you have a better and more detailed understanding of your Reels strategies, we have added postcards of Reels to our Analytics module 🤗 The metrics you can reach include but not limited to ⤵️

  • Total engagement: Total number of organic and paid likes, organic and paid comments, shares, and organic saved counts.
  • Shares: The number of times that users shared the reel.
  • Frequency: The average number of times each person saw your reel. The calculation is the number of plays divided by the organic reach.
  • Organic reach: The number of unique Instagram accounts that have viewed the reel (not including ads-driven data).
  • Organic ER: (Organic likes + Organic Comments + Shares + Organic Saved) / Organic Reach x 100 July 2022 - Improvements

Manage the crowd on your comments and messages with ease 💎

Manage the crowd on your comments and messages with ease

As George Orwell quoted once in Animal Farm book, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” On social media, all messages and comments are equal and matter, but some of them are more equal than others 🙃

Based on this, we improved in the Analytics and Engage module simultaneously and in a synchronized manner ✨ Go to the Analytics module and scroll down to see “Most comments and messages” and “Most liked comments,” – where the improvement starts.

Now, you can not only see but also directly manage “Most comments and messages” and “Most liked comments.” We have added the “See messages” clickable area there, which will lead you directly to the relevant user’s message or comment under the Engage module. And after that, all is on you!

Adding pages got easy ✨

Adding pages got easy with

To live the soul of the “Simplify Your Life Week”, we have improved the “page adding” process for you! As aims to ease your social journey for all aspects of social media management, one of the issues that our customers have been encountering was traveling among tabs to add their pages to 🥲

We have heard your feedback and tried our best to make you happy with the mentioned process. We added that “Add new page” button, so you can add pages directly from those screens instead of looking for it on the settings. I hope you like it and find the page-adding journey really easy peasy 🤗 July 2022 - Bugfixes
  • The user photo problem in various areas of the system has been fixed. Say “cheseeeee” and upload your photo now 📸
  • The “Help Center” is helping properly again 🙃 We have fixed some articles with redirect problems in the Help Center.
  • Fixed calculation error in paid engagement data in Instagram Competitor Analysis 🧮
  • The problem in entering billing information and VAT number during the purchasing phase has been fixed 🤑
  • Mission improvement: Bugfix and general user experience improvements were made on mobile. ☎️
  • Must-have: General system improvement on the platform 🙃
  • Do you have something to say? Here we are 👉 [email protected]
  • See you in Beyond Beta August next month 🥰
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