Beyond Beta November 2022 at
Beyond Beta November 2022 at

Ready for Christmas? It is almost there 🎄 

Christmas is almost there, and the spirit is something else! It is magical how fast the days passed, the trees shed their leaves, and the year was almost over…Long story short, we took Christmas as our inspiration this month and had some optimizations, and made changes to This is our gift to you 🎁

Wishing you a holiday season filled with joy, love, and all the things that make your heart sing. See you next year 😅

Here is our summary: in November 2022 ✨

Social Media News in a NutshellGet the latest social media news, insights, and marketing tips in your inbox once a week. November 2022 - Improvements

Compare options for “Team Performance” reports 🌞

Compare options for “Team Performance” reports

We have made a really straightforward improvement in Engage Module 🙂 We have added a new button called “Comparison” on our Team Performance reports. From now on, you will be able to use this “Comparison” button to compare your metrics on the Summary card on your Team performance reports. So, you will be measuring how your team is managing social engagement, which parts to improve and what actions to take for a better social media management experience, and so on.

All you need to do is activate this “Comparison” button and select the data range you want to compare the data on your Summary card, such as:

  • New conversations
  • Replied conversations
  • Closed conversations
  • Median time to close, and more!

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The app is now better than it was 😍 app is now better than it was

It is perfect for integrating new features and improving the existing parts of the tool. It was what we were doing all the way here, actually. This month we decided to take a stop and dedicate ourselves to optimizations on the tool mainly. 

A bit heartbroken that we can not just show them with fancy words and cool visuals this month 🥺 However, we are glad that we’ve made significant optimizations to our product to improve performance and speed. This means that you’ll be able to use it more efficiently and effectively without any noticeable changes to the features you’re used to. November 2022 - Bugfixes
  • Mobile: General system improvements are made successfully ✨
  • As always: General system improvement on the tool 🤗
  • Analytics module: The problems happening with the time in the comparison section while exporting reports are fixed.
  • Engage module: UI problems related to page visuals and moderation icons in the Engage module have been resolved 🥳
  • Reports: The errors experienced in the panel while creating reports covering long date periods and containing a lot of data were solved. Feel free to create reports like that now ⚡️
  • Engage module: Happy exporting! We have resolved the issues experienced when exporting the conversations 💬
  • Anything else? We are here to help 👉 [email protected] November 2022 - Good News

We have someone to introduce 🤗

It is a pleasure to share the good news with you folks! It’s been a while since we introduced our teammates. It is again the time 😍 Let me introduce our new team member Eyüp to you! He is a “Frontend Developer” on our team and helping with his outstanding contributions 👌 Let’s get to know Eyüp better.

We have someone to introduce - Eyup

Eyüp mentions that he is a strong nature lover who likes camping in nature a lot ⛺️ Listening to music is an inevitable part of his life so it is not a surprise that he spends over 40000 minutes a year listening to music 😁 Also, in his spare time, he enjoys watching game streams 🎮

Ebru Kirimli

Ebru Kirimli is a digital marketing enthusiast and lifetime learner 🍀 She is a really big fan of traveling and meeting with new cultures around the world ✈️