Beyond Beta October 2021 at
Beyond Beta October 2021 at

Twenty-five thousand downloads on the first day!

Every moment of life, things are happening all around the world. Let’s go back to a random October day of the year 2010. The time when Instagram first launched and reached 25 thousand users on the first day! It is the story and the success behind perseverance, hard work, and imagination.

While we are applying the same soul to our work, let’s take a look at what we have done as in October to get closer to our dreams. October 2021 - Good News

Welcome to the team Irem

As the team, it is our pleasure to introduce our new teammate Irem to you. She is a “Customer Support Specialist” of our team and she is a real customer guru. Let’s get to know Irem better. October 2021 - Irem Okcu

She is a mother of 2 adorable dogs called Dobby and Bond. When talking about festivals and techno-concerts, Irem is always there. Other than that she loves cycling around the city.

AnnounceKit and their experience

AnnounceKit and their experience

AnnounceKit is one of the amazing customers. The no-code changelog tool, AnnounceKit, helps more than 1000+ customers to deliver product updates and announcements to their website visitors and clientele efficiently. We are happy to become their digital solution partner. There are more! Take a glance at the interview with dear Zeynep Serra Avan, Content Editor of AnnounceKit. October 2021 - New Features

Module Update Soon: Engage

Engage Module Update

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”, George Bernard Shaw said. Absolutely, communicating in a good way and engaging with your dear customers and followers matters. That is why we are updating and bringing really cool and useful features to our Engage module which will allow you not be getting lost in the illusion of communication. Stay tuned!

The expired token warning was updated

expired token warning update

As mentioned many times: let us anything you need or want, it is our pleasure to better your social media management experience. Now it is the turn for “expired token warnings”. We have added the names of the pages whose tokens have expired to the expired token warnings. Thus, you can understand more quickly and easily which of your social media pages need to update their access key.

PDF option for auto-reports

PDF option for auto reports

Reports, metrics, and data…Important and sometimes complicated bunch of numbers. Do not worry! We are here to ease your journey on social media management and reports. We have added a new feature that we wish will give some shine and color to your reports. From now on, you, our dear customers, can export your auto-reports in PDF format as well. Enjoy the faster, easier, and more colorful report journey. October 2021 - Bugfixes
  • Routine but essential…Improvements were done in the general system to improve your experience.
  • You can give likes as much as you want. The issue of liking messages received via IG DM was fixed.
  • No more “you explored the nothing” notification. Fixed the issue in the brand selection field on the settings screen.
  • No need to rub your eyes, the problem was on us and we have fixed it. From now on, Facebook videos shared via our platform will appear 1 time on the calendar, not 2 times.
  • Anything else? Give us a heads up, we are glad to help: [email protected]
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