Beyond Beta September 2022 at
Beyond Beta September 2022 at

Most wanted updates and features are here 🚀

Have you seen the latest updates on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms? If not, let me mention that they have made the most wanted updates and added features so far. For example, you can now add mentions after you post an IG story, add up to five guest video boxes to your TikTok live stream and join new certification courses with Meta, IBM, and more on LinkedIn.

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Long story short, we, your social media management tool, also added a few cool features you wanted the most! No spoilers here. Read for more 😌

Here is our summary: in September 2022 ✨

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It’s that time of the quarter: the G2 Fall Reports are in! 🏅

G2 fall report -

We are happy to be listed in the G2 fall report and placed on the “high performer” corner on the:

#SocialMediaManagementSoftware, #SocialMediaAnalyticsSoftware, #SocialMediaMonitoringSoftware, and #SocialMediaSuites grids.

Here are our badges and ratings based on the Satisfaction Ratings for Social Media Management Software category on G2:

✨ Likelihood to Recommend 96%

✨ Quality of Support 96%

✨ Ease of Setup 98%

✨ Ease of Use 97%

Many thanks to you, our beloved customers, for your trust and collaboration. You inspire us more every single day ❤️

🤟🏻 You can read our G2 reviews and leave us yours here: September 2022 - New Features

Customize your reports and export what exactly you prefer ✨ views menu

We believe that we are providing the most comprehensive and detailed social media analytics reports. So that it becomes much easier for you to find meaning in data scattered across all your social media channels. Well, we still have that approach but with a new style 🤗

✨Let me introduce our “Views” menu to you ✨

You can now customize your social media analytics reports as you prefer. This feature will allow you to easily create views containing only the metrics you prefer and report or export them.

Here is how in a nutshell:

  • Simply go to the Analytics module. 
  • Click the “Views” menu on the header.
  • Click “Add new view.” 
  • Select the insights and data you want to evaluate.
  • Voila! You are done! (Yes, it is that simple 😌)

🥁 Attention: Please remember that this feature is only available for Pro – Business – Enterprise plans.

Compare option for summary cards on Analytics 👍 Analytics - Comparison for summary cards

This new feature is so straightforward 🙂 We have added a new button called “Comparison” on our reports.

From now on, you will be able to use this “Comparison” button to compare your metrics on the Summary card on your Analytics reports. All you need to do is activate this “Comparison” button and select the data range you want to compare the data on your Summary card, such as:

  • Followers
  • Posts
  • Page reach
  • ER per post and more! September 2022 - Improvements

Recall: LinkedIn API integration 🚀

LinkedIn Webhook API

As we have announced before, we have implemented the new and updated LinkedIn API ✨

With this new LinkedIn API, you can see, manage and engage with your LinkedIn comments instantly via now 🚀

Summary cards are now clickable 🖱️

Summary cards are now clickable with

One more improvement for the Analytics 🚀

We know that you love the summary cards a lot because it provides actual and straightforward data in one place. However, it may confuse you about where the data is coming from or which graphs were the resources of that dashboard. No worries and confusion right after now 😎

We’ve added redirect buttons to summary cards so you can now quickly navigate and see which chart has been calculated from the data. September 2022 - Bugfixes
  • Must-have: General system improvement on the platform 🙃
  • Fixed some issues in the onboarding process that prevented the user from completing the setup successfully. Enjoy the smooth onboarding process now ✨🙂
  • Have you seen our new home screen? Not yet? Shame! We already even made improvements on it 🤗
  • Fixed some issues related to the Linkedin access key and the process of updating it 🔑
  • Made improvements on the mobile app for the Engage module.
  • Anything else? Give us a heads up 👉 [email protected]
  • See you in Beyond Beta October next month 🥰 
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