Buffer vs Sociality.io
Buffer vs Sociality.io

We love to see you reading this page! Your interest in Sociality.io means the world to us. 

For years we have been evaluating social media management tools and newly emerging social media marketers’ needs. Let us help you with your search. 

Disclaimer: Yes, we would love to see you becoming a Sociality.io member. However, we are here to win your heart with transparent methods and our dedicated work. 

Social media marketing evolves and so is the market for dedicated tools. All social media management platforms have the same essential features. But we are here to take you behind the scenes and point to often missed features and things to consider. We put all our cards on a table so that you can make the best decision to grow your business. So here, it is.

Publishing, inbox, and reporting for all plans with one subscription and one dashboardYesNo
Unlimited publishing, report, and engagementYesNo
Promoted ads comments filtersYesNo
Instagram Ad monitoringYesNo
Advanced mobile application with all features in one placeYesNo
Affordable pricing for teamsYesNo                                
Instagram direct publishingNoYes

Since 2015 Sociality.io team has been on a mission to understand the market and customers’ needs and build a tool that efficiently helps you to reach your social media marketing goals. It all started with a simple publishing tool we have successfully transformed into a powerful social media management platform that is trusted by hundreds of companies around the globe. 

Some of the exciting numbers we have

  • More than 8.000 social media accounts that have a total of 440M+ followers are managed by our tool.
  • We have customers that are located in 50 countries.
  • 2.000+ marketers are using our solution
  • Headquarter in London, UK 

A true all-in-one solution

10 years ago social media marketing was highly focused solely on creating and publishing content. Indeed, in our early steps, Sociality.io had only one Publish module. However, the tool has to evolve with emerging social trends and solve your current needs. 

Sociality.io is a true all-in-one social media management platform. With the help of our tool you can:

  • Publish, schedule, approve content collaboratively with your team or stakeholders across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. 
  • Manage all comments, direct messages, mentions, replies in one inbox.
  • Listen to ongoing conversations on social, news, web, and blogs around essential keywords.
  • Get unlimited reports about social media pages, competitors, conversation activities, and listening.
  • Monitor your competitors’ performance to set the right benchmarks.

Sociality.io enables you to practice intelligent tactics from one tool. + Bonus: our pricing includes all modules without paying extra for each one. 

Enjoy unlimited power

Get advantage of unlimited powers inside Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

  • Publish an unlimited amount of posts.
  • Send an unlimited comment, replies, mentions, Instagram ad comments, etc. 
  • Download unlimited reports conversation activities, social profiles, competitor analysis, and listening. 
  • Plus, we offer unlimited keywords, alert e-mails, templates, internal notes, and so on! 

Whether you want to post 1 post per week or 1000 — Sociality.io supports your social media marketing decisions with a tool that scales with your growth without any limits! 

Explore Instagram ninja tactics

Buffer is a great Publishing tool. Direct scheduling, approval workflow, first comment features, and many other powerful features make Buffer one of the most recognized solutions for marketers. 

Improve Instagram Ad monitoring

Whenever you launch an advertising campaign comment moderation process becomes an important priority. 

You want to hide inappropriate comments, engage with leads, answer questions and do it all in collaboration with your team members or clients. Sociality.io enables you to do it all inside our Engage module. 

Uncover comprehensive insights

At Sociliaty.io we don’t see a point in offering you a Publish module without advanced Reports. Data-driven social media marketers drive higher results. 

At Sociality.io you can track metrics on your audience, engagement rates, team performance metrics, and so much more. You can download a sample report to check it yourself. (Also, we give historical valuable insights for Instagram Stories, too) 

Uncover comprehensive insights

Moreover, you can add your competitors’ to your profile and track their Instagram profiles’ metrics, content performance, and more. You can download a sample report. 

Uncover comprehensive insights
Uncover comprehensive insights - growth of followers

Mobile application: achieve more on the go

Sociality.io offers the best mobile application in the market! Our team saw a need for marketers to solve tasks on the go without being trapped 24/7 to their work desks or laptops. 

Sociality.io mobile application includes all modules (Publish, Engage, Report, Listen, and Competitor analysis). 

Sociality.io pricing plans drives higher ROIs

Buffer vs Sociality.io -gif

Why does Sociality.io drive higher ROIs? Because we offer all modules in one bundle without any additional fees. Hurray for transparent pricing plans! 

Let’s imagine you have 10 social media accounts and 3 members. You need the Publish, Engage, and Report modules. 

Here is how Sociality.io and Buffer price your needs: 

  • Sociality.io = $1992 per year
  • Buffer (Publish + Reply + Analyze) = $1008 + ($188*12) + ($40*12) = $3744 per year

Looking for a different plan? Our pricing tool will help you to choose the right tool for your needs.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, where an awesome support team is always happy to help!

Altynai Alamanova

Altynai Alamanova is a results-driven passionate digital marketing professional with extensive experience in SaaS and Startups. She is the mother of more than 60 plants 🪴 and a lovely cat - Tofu 😻