Hootsuite vs Sociality.io
Hootsuite vs Sociality.io

Are you on a search for a better alternative? Whether you are looking for a new solution to manage your social media efficiently or checking the waters before switching to a new platform, we are here with a comparison table & article that answers all your questions. 

Disclaimer: Yes, we would love to welcome you as a new Sociality.io member. However, we are here to win your heart with real information and show you what Sociality.io can offer to your business. 

Why should you trust us? We have been on the market for 5+ years, monitoring different social media management platforms and their development. Moreover, as social media marketers ourselves, we have a strong understanding of current and newly emerging needs that the industry faces. Let us help you with your search. 

Why Sociality.io is a better alternative to Hootsuite? We have 6 reasons. 

1. Interface

Don’t want to throw rotten tomatoes at anybody… But not everybody is a fan of the endless streams. Why is it even a problem? An important engagement in the form of valuable feedback, potential customers’ requests and opportunity for successful customer conversion can easily be LOST inside quickly updating streams. 

We build the Sociality.io interface that scales with your growth. Whether you have 10 or 10M subscribers our interface enables you to sit calmly without any headaches and enjoy using a tool that solves all your needs. 

Enter our Sociality.io dashboard. No training is even required.

  • Need to schedule new content? Go to Publish. 
  • Need to answer comments and direct messages? Go to Engage.
  • Need to listen to online conversations about essential keywords? Go to Listen. 
  • Need to get reports? Go to Report.

2. Inbox

Hootsuite vs Sociality.io - Sociality.io inbox

Imagine having ALL your engagement in one place. Engagement can be overwhelming. Tabbing between accounts that make page moderation process unnecessarily long and boring. 

No more missed engagement, because we collect them all in one collaborative inbox:

  1. Twitter replies 
  2. Facebook reviews
  3. Instagram ad comments, mentions, comments
  4. YouTube video comments
  5. Facebook comments, wall posts, and private messages
  6. Twitter mentions and direct messages
  7. LinkedIn comments

Moreover, we have built our tool exactly for people like you, who need more than an inbox. At Sociality.io we are on a constant search for features that solve current and emerging needs of all social media marketers. 

To improve the efficiency of engagement workflow, you’ll enjoy using the following features: 

Work as a team: Collaboratively label, assign, save, add internal notes, and more to make managing inbox activities easier and efficiently as a truly powerful team. 

Saved templates: No need to copy+paste the same message over and over again. Save responses to commonly asked questions and provide comprehensive answers in seconds! 

Hootsuite vs Sociality.io - Sociality.io engagement workflow

Role & permissions: Assign roles and permissions to all stakeholders. From full access to view, only Sociality.io enables you to create an organized workflow and analyze team performance data. 

The best alternative to Hootsuite- Sociality.io

Instagram management superior features

Whether you are publishing Instagram posts, monitoring social engagement and performance metrics, or running ad campaigns — we’ll help to achieve more with intelligent tactics. 

Sociality.io loves Instagram! And we love powering up our users with features that will blow your mind. 

Are you running an ad campaign? 

Sociality.io syncs with Facebook’s Marketing API and Graph API, so we gather your ad comments all the time.

Check Sociality.io marketing API now!


Sociality.io is a better alternative to Hootsuite

In comparison to Hootsuite, which shows you everything in streams, At Sociality.io we like to target only important conversations. 

Do you have important keywords around your brand? We help you to track conversations and true opinion on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Web. Moreover, we collect your data and create your monitoring and sentiment analysis reports in a few minutes in English, German, Korean, Turkish, French, and Azerbaijani!

And to always keep you updated… You’ll receive rule-based alert e-mails without paying additional fees.

Competitor Analysis

Alternative to Hoostuite

When we say that we are an all-in-one social media management platform. We really mean it! Inside the Competitor Analysis module, you have everything required for competitor analysis inside our tool. 

Comprehensive reports: Prepare your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube competitor analysis reports in just a few minutes. Measure your own performance with competitors to set the right benchmarks. 

[Download sample report]

Mobile application

Well, we don’t want to brag too much here… But our mobile application is one of the best in the market. We have our entire platform inside our powerful application. (Available for both iOS and Android)

Social media marketing doesn’t stop at 6 pm. Take your team & tool with you and drive great results even when you are away from your desk. 

Sociality.io pricing plans drives higher ROIs

Let’s get down to numbers! What is the real cost of social media management tools? 

Consider your company needs: 

  • 30 social media profiles
  • 5 Team members 
  • You require workflow, reporting, analyzing features

Here is how Sociality.io and Hootsuite price your needs: 

  • Sociality.io $4240
  • Hootsuite $7188

Looking for a different plan? Our pricing tool will help you to choose the right tool for your needs. 

Social media tools comparison

Since 2015 Sociality.io team has been on a mission to understand the market and customers’ needs and build a tool that efficiently helps you to reach your social media marketing goals. It all started with a simple publishing tool we have successfully transformed into a powerful social media management platform that is trusted by hundreds of companies around the globe.

Some of the exciting numbers we have

More than 8.000 social media accounts that have a total of 440M+ followers are managed by our tool.

We have customers that are located in 50 countries.

2.000+ marketers are using our solution

Now, we have two bases: Istanbul & London.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team, where an awesome support team is always happy to help!

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Sociality.io social media management tool
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