Compare 150+ social media management tools’ plans
Compare 150+ social media management tools’ plans

Finding a social media management tool to stick with, is a tough task. And, it’s very hard to decide which social media management tool is the best solution for your needs and has the best price of choices. If you are a digital marketing specialist, you already know how tedious and time-consuming it is to have research on which tool is the best for your business. You sign up and start trying it out, scheduling, checking the analytics, and so on 😩

And after 14 or 30 days, you get notified that your trial period is over. You purchase one of the plans and after a certain period of time, you discover that your team members can’t join you as you are the only one who is able to post from one account. Or while scheduling, you notice you have reached the “30 scheduled messages” limit and can’t add any more unless you delete one of the scheduled posts or they get published.

There are tons of social media management tools. The last time I counted, there were more than 300 SM tools and are increasing day by day and all of them have different features and different pricing strategies.

When we started our own company – all in one social media management platform, our main focus was always putting our customers in the first place. And price transparency is one of the core assets that we offer to our customers. I think it’s as important as product quality to be aware of any hidden fees when you want to purchase a product or service.

To save your time, we have had researched all the social media platform pricing and features and included all of the plans in one spreadsheet. So far, we’ve collected more than 150+ plans of these SM tools and put all the data to a Google Sheet. We’ve opened this sheet to everybody and we are updating this document every few months. The last time the document was updated was the 10th of August 2019. It will help you get an understanding of the differences between all the tools without wasting your precious time.

You can access it here: Google Sheet.

Social media tools comparison

Besides the Google Sheet, we’ve also developed a project, based on this data. It’s very easy to find a tool that has a social media listening feature or has a competitor analysis feature. And it’s also easy to find the exact price that you have to pay for the tool that satisfies your demand. In this project first, select the number of social media pages that you want to manage, then select the number of your team members and which features you want, and boom 💥 the list of the SM tools with the capabilities at your disposal. And more importantly, you can view the pricing of each tool on the same page. Easy peasy!

Today, we are launching the social media comparison tool: Social Media Tools Comparison.

After all, what all of these tools have in common, is you pay for them and you are worth being aware of the features you get in return for your investment.

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