Social Media Competitor Analysis: All competitors on one report.

No more spending hours for competitor analysis, no more taking wrong decisions due to missed out information.

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Detailed competitor page analysis
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Everything required for competitor analysis on one platform.

Comparison on all platforms

Prepare your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube competitor analysis reports in just a few minutes.

Brand position

Measure your own performance with detailed fan and engagement performance of your competitors.

Content strategy

Review your own content strategy by analysing competitors' contents.

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Review the industry

Simultaneously compare up to 15 competitor pages, control the whole sector.

Create annual reports

Create competitor analysis reports on any desired interval, export relevant data to PPT.

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Create the report that only contains charts you want, add your brand logo.

Many features for all your needs:

Export to PPT or Excel

Historical data

Content analysis

Report with e-mails

Publishing frequencies

Comperative charts


Engagement rates

Unlimited reports

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