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Emoji meanings demystified

Discover the accurate meanings behind your favorite emojis, and ensure your messages hit the mark. Decode the complex language of emojis, communicate effectively, and express yourself with confidence.

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Grinning emoji


It conveys cheerfulness and joy towards something positive.

Other names

Grinning face

Smiley emoji


Smiley emoji denotes happiness and positive feelings.

Other names

Grinning face with big eyes

Smile emoji


The smile emoji depicts a person’s happiness when sending a greeting text or simply used to compliment.

Other names

Grinning face with smiling eyes, happy face, smiley face

Grin emoji


The grin emoji represents mischievousness but can be used to give away excitement and enjoyment.

Other names

Beaming face with smiley eyes, cheesy face

Laughing emoji


The emoji depicts laughter often used to react towards something hilarious.

Other names

Grinning squinting face emoji