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2024 Social media holiday calendar

2024 holiday calendar from

We know how hard it is to keep up with the zillions of countless quirky holidays and national days happening every month. So to make things easy, we went ahead and created an awesome 2024 Social Media Holiday Calendar just for you!

We're talking all the holidays, all the national days, all year long. Now you can stop stressing about what's coming up and easily plan out posts, deals, hashtag campaigns - you name it! We even included some of the more offbeat holidays for when you're feeling creative and want to have some fun with your audience.

Make sure to download our handy Google Calendar file so you have the entire year's worth of social media holidays at your fingertips. Here's to an amazing, fun-filled 2024 of connecting with all your fabulous followers!

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Table of contents

January 2024

January 01

New Year’s Day

Social media holiday calendar - January 2, World Introvert Day

January 02

World Introvert Day

World Introvert Day provides a global platform for understanding and appreciating introverts. Introverts, who constitute 25 to 40 percent of the population, are individuals primarily focused on internal feelings rather than external sources of stimulation. Unlike extroverts, introverts expend energy in social situations instead of gaining it. The day prompts self-reflection on one's introversion or extroversion. Are YOU an introvert or an extrovert?

January 04

National Spaghetti Day

January 06

Epiphany [Orthodox]

January 07

Christmas Day [Orthodox]

January 08

Earth’s Rotation Day

January 08

Clean Off Your Desk Day

January 11

International Thank-You Day

January 12

National Marzipan Day

January 14

Old New Year [Orthodox]

January 15

National Hat Day

January 15

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Social media holiday calendar - January 16, National Nothing Day

January 16

National Nothing Day

Journalist Harold Pullman Coffin proposed National Nothing Day in 1972, urging people to observe this “non-event“ by doing nothing. Recognized annually on January 16, the day gained acknowledgment in “Chase’s Calendar of Events.“ As the holiday entails no specific activities, there is little to describe about its observance.

January 19

National Popcorn Day

January 20

Penguin Awareness Day

January 21

International Sweatpants Day

January 21

National Hugging Day

January 21

National Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 23

National Pie Day

January 24

National Compliment Day

January 24

Macintosh Computer Day

January 26

National Spouse’s Day

January 27

National Chocolate Cake Day

January 28

Intermational Data Privacy Day

Social media holiday calendar - January 29, National Puzzle Day

January 29

National Puzzle Day

Engaging in puzzles, be it crosswords, jigsaws, trivia, or Sudoku, stimulates both sides of the brain. Studies indicate that regular puzzle-solving enhances memory, cognitive function, and problem-solving skills, providing a holistic mental workout.

February 2024

February 01

First Day of Black History Month

February 01

National Freedom Day

February 03

National Wear Red Day

February 03

International Lawyers Day

February 04

National Thank Your Mailman Day

February 04

World Cancer Day

February 05

World Nutella Day

February 09

International Pizza Day

February 10

Chinese New Year

February 11

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 11

Superbowl Sunday

February 13

World Radio Day

February 14

Valentine’s Day

February 19

President’s Day

Social media holiday calendar - February 22, International Be Humble Day

February 22

International Be Humble Day

The day encourages embracing a modest and unassuming approach to life. Humility is deemed underrated in a society that often favors arrogance, self-promotion, and assertiveness. Acknowledging weaknesses and appreciating others' talents fosters success, promoting gratitude for support and opportunities.

February 24

World Bartender Day

February 27

International Polar Bear Day

March 2024

March 01

World Compliment Day

March 03

World Wildlife Day

March 08

International Women’s Day

March 09

Barbie Day / Barbie’s Birthday

March 10

Mario Day

March 10

Daylight Saving Time Starts [USA & Canada]

March 10

First Day of the Ramadan Month [Muslim]

Social media holiday calendar - March 11, National Napping Day

March 11

National Napping Day

Established in 1999, National Napping Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of sufficient sleep, especially after daylight savings changes. Falling on a day when people feel sleep-deprived, the holiday emphasizes the rejuvenating benefits of napping.

March 12

Alfred Hitchcock Day

March 12

National Plant a Flower Day

March 14

National Potato Chip Day

March 14

Pi Day

March 14

Genius Day / Albert Einstein’s Birthday

March 15

World Consumer Rights Day

March 15

World Sleep Day

March 17

St. Patrick’s Day [Ireland]

March 18

Awkward Moments Day

March 20

March Equinox

March 20

International Day of Happiness

March 21

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

March 21

World Poetry Day

March 21

World Puppetry Day

March 21

World Down Syndrome Day

March 22

World Water Day

March 24

National Cocktail Day

Social media holiday calendar - March 25, Holi

March 25


Holi, celebrated by Hindus, marks the Festival of Colors, Love, and Spring. Commemorating the divine love of Radha and Krishna, the day signifies the triumph of good over evil.

March 26

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 26

National Spinach Day

March 27

World Theater Day

March 30

National Take a Walk in the Park Day

March 30

National Doctor’s Day

March 31

International Taco Day

March 31

Easter [Catholic]

March 31

Daylight Saving Time Starts [Europe]

April 2024

April 01

April Fool’s Day

April 01

First Day of National Stress Awareness Month

April 02

World Autism Awareness Day

April 02

International Children’s Book Day

April 04


April 04

International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

April 04

World Stray Animal Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - April 6, National Tartan Day

April 06

National Tartan Day [Scotland]

Tartan Day, originating in Nova Scotia in 1987, celebrates Scottish heritage and contributions of Scottish figures. The event centers around tartan, a patterned woolen cloth associated with Scotland, and has spread to various Scottish diaspora communities.

April 06

National DIY Day

April 07

World Health Day

April 07

Daylight Saving Time Ends [Australia]

April 09

National Library Workers’ Day

April 09

Ramadan Holiday [Muslim]

April 10

Ramadan Holiday [Muslim]

April 09

National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - April 13, International Plant Appreciation Day

April 13

International Plant Appreciation Day

Studies show that indoor gardening and plants enhance mood and creativity, and reduce stress. This day encourages bringing houseplants into homes and workplaces.

April 15

World Art Day

April 15

Boston Marathon

April 18

National High Five Day

April 20

World Husband Appreciation Day

April 22

International Earth Day

April 22

Passover Starts [Jewish]

April 23

National Picnic Day

April 23

World Laboratory Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - April 25, National Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

April 25

National Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

A learning initiative in the United States and Canada, this occasion prompts parents to bring their children to the workplace, giving them a glimpse into diverse roles and nurturing exploration of potential careers.

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - April 28, First Day of National Small Business Week

April 28

First Day of National Small Business Week

Small Business Week acknowledges the impactful role of small businesses in local communities.Recommendations for consumers encompass purchasing gift cards, supporting local businesses through orders, and initiating “Shop Local“ campaigns on social media. In return, small business owners can express gratitude through shout-outs, offer special discounts, and introduce exclusive products.

April 29

International Dance Day

April 30

Passover Ends [Jewish]

April 30

International Jazz Day

April 30

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

May 2024

May 01

First Day of Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

May 01

First Day of Jewish American Heritage Month

May 01

International Labor and Workers’ Day

May 01

National Law Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - May 1, Lei Day

May 01

Lei Day [Hawaii]

Lei Day commemorates Hawaiian culture, highlighting the spirit of aloha. Individuals exchange leis as tokens of affection, and educational institutions frequently arrange performances, appointing Lei Day Kings and Queens to represent distinct islands.

May 03

National Taco Day [Mexico]

May 03

World Press Freedom Day

May 03

World No Pants Day

May 04

Last Day of National Small Business Week

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - May 1, National Fitness Day

May 04

National Fitness Day

Observed since 1982 on the initial Saturday of May, National Fitness Day urges individuals of all age groups to participate in physical activities.Whether one is already a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, the day provides a chance to commence healthy habits.

May 04

Star Wars Day

May 05

Cinco de Mayo [Mexico]

May 05

Easter [Orthodox]

May 08

Victory in Europe Day

May 12

International Nurses Day

May 12

International Mother's Day

May 15

National Peace Officers Memorial Day

May 15

International Family Day

May 17

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

May 17

World Baking Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - May 18, International Astronomy Day

May 18

International Astronomy Day

Observed around the first quarter moon during spring and fall, specifically on May 18 and October 12 in 2024, International Astronomy Day is dedicated to advancing education and comprehension of the universe. Popular activities include stargazing, visits to planetariums, and participation in astronomy workshops.

May 21

International Tea Day

May 22

Harvey Milk Day

May 22

International Day for Biological Diversity

May 23

World Turtle Day

May 27

National Memorial Day

May 28

International Burger Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - May 30, National Creativity Day

May 30

National Creativity Day

Hal Croasmun, a film producer and president of ScreenwritingU, established National Creativity Day in 2018 to draw attention to and express gratitude for individuals worldwide who are creators.Subsequently, May 30th has been designated as the annual celebration day for creativity.

May 31

World No Tobacco Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - May 31, National Smile Day

May 31

National Smile Day

Observed annually on May 31st, this day serves as a gentle reminder to prioritize oral health, share happiness through smiling, and promote awareness of the positive impact that smiles can have.

June 2024

June 01

First Day of Pride Month

June 01

First Day of National African-American Music Appreciation Month

June 01

First Day of National Effective Communication Month

June 01

National Say Something Nice Day

June 01

World Milk Day

June 01

Global Day of Parents

Social media holiday calendar - June 1, National Nail Polish Day

June 01

National Nail Polish Day

Commencing in 2017 under the initiative of the nail polish brand Essie, the day revolves around cherishing nail polishes and the extensive array of shades available to women nationwide. The diversity of nail polish colors is abundant, catering to every outfit in one's wardrobe. Initially designed to honor the collective affection for Essie, National Nail Polish Day has transformed into a celebration where various brands showcase their products and provide exclusive discounts.

June 03

National Leave the Office Early Day

Social media holiday calendar - June 3, World Bicycle Day

June 03

World Bicycle Day

This day promotes the benefits of using bicycles as a sustainable means of transportation. Bicycles contribute to cleaner air, less congestion, and increased accessibility to education and healthcare.

June 04

National Hug Your Cat Day

June 05

World Environment Day

June 07

World Food Safety Day

June 07

National Donut Day

June 08

World Oceans Day

June 08

National Best Friends Day

June 09

Donald Duck Day / Donald Duck’s Birthday

June 15

Global Wind Day

June 16

International Father’s Day

Social media holiday calendar - June 18, International Sustainable Gastronomy Day

June 18

International Sustainable Gastronomy Day

Gastronomy, the study of food culture, is acknowledged as a cultural expression enriching our diverse world. To practice sustainable gastronomy; support local producers, explore local foods, cook traditional recipes with local ingredients, and most importantly; combat food waste!

June 18

International Sushi Day

June 18

International Picnic Day

Holidays 2024 from social media holiday calendar - June 21 - International day of yoga

June 20 - 22

June Solstice

The June solstice refers to the solstice that happens every year between June 20th and June 22nd on the Gregorian calendar.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the June solstice marks the beginning of astronomical summer - it is the day with the most hours of daylight. This is considered the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere.Conversely, in the Southern Hemisphere, the June solstice marks the beginning of astronomical winter - it is the day with the fewest hours of daylight. This makes it the winter solstice for the Southern Hemisphere.

The June solstice is also referred to as the northern solstice, since it marks the onset of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

June 21

International Day of Yoga

June 21

National Selfie Day

June 21

World Music Day

June 22

Onion Ring Day

Social media holiday calendar - June 25, Global Beatles Day

June 25

Global Beatles Day

The selection of June 25th as the date commemorates the Beatles' performance of “All You Need Is Love“ on the BBC show ’Our World’ in 1967, broadcast to a global audience. The occasion is marked by music and various events promoting peace and harmony. In 2018, Cuba organized a Beatles film festival in honor of this day. Online celebrations have featured collaborations with Amazon, a collective live concert on Bigo Live, the creation of Beatles-themed comic strips, and the use of the hashtag #GlobalBeatlesDay on social media.

Social media holiday calendar - June 27, International Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day

June 27

International Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day

MSMEs account for 90% of businesses, 60 to 70% of employment, and 50% of GDP worldwide. As the backbone of societies everywhere, they contribute to local and national economies and to sustaining livelihoods, in particular among the working poor, women, youth, and groups in vulnerable situations. Recognized by the United Nations, MSME Day acknowledges the significant contributions of these enterprises to local economies, job creation, and sustainable development.

June 30

World Social Media Day

Social media holiday calendar - June 30, World Asteroid Day

June 30

World Asteroid Day

International Asteroid Day commemorates the Tunguska impact in 1908. The day aims to raise awareness about asteroid impact hazards and crisis communication for potential near-Earth object threats. The decision was based on a proposal by the Association of Space Explorers, endorsed by the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

July 2024

July 01

International Joke Day

July 01

International Reggae Day

July 02

World UFO Day

July 03

International Plastic Bag Free Day

July 04

National Independence Day [USA]

July 06

International Kissing Day

July 07

Global Forgiveness Day

July 07

World Chocolate Day

July 11

World Population Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - July 12, National French Fry Day

July 12

National French Fry Day

Previously celebrated on July 13th every year, National French Fry Day will now be observed on the second Friday of July annually, beginning in 2023. This date change syncs the holiday with “Fry-day“ so the name connects french fries to Fridays in a playful way.

July 17

World Emoji Day

July 18

Nelson Mandela International Day

July 20

International Moon Day

July 20

World Chess Day

July 21

National Junk Food Day

July 21

National Ice Cream Day

July 24

International Self-Care Day

July 24

National Tequila Day

July 28

World Hepatitis Day

July 29

International Tigers Day

July 30

International Day of Friendship

July 30

National Cheesecake Day

August 2024

August 01

National Girlfriends Day

August 02

International Beer Day

August 03

International Hangover Day

August 04

National Sister Appreciation Day

August 08

International Cat Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - August 9, International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

August 09

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Approximately 476 million indigenous people in 90 countries, less than 5% of the global population, yet representing 15% of the poorest, speak most of the world's 7,000 languages and embody 5,000 cultures. They inherit unique traditions and face common challenges in protecting their rights. Seeking recognition for their identities, ways of life, and rights to traditional lands, they remain among the most disadvantaged globally.

The international community acknowledges the need for special measures to preserve their rights and cultures. Every 9 August marks the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, in honor of the first meeting of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations in 1982.

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - August 11, World Steelpan Day

August 11

World Steelpan Day

The steelpan, originating in Trinidad and Tobago, is a musical instrument with cultural and historical significance. It plays a role in cultural, social, and economic development, aligning with the pursuit of cultural diversity outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. The steelpan has potential applications in sectors like tourism, culture, education, and STEM fields, contributing to the advancement of these goals.

August 13

International Left-Handers Day

August 19

World Humanitarian Day

August 19

World Photography Day

August 20

National Radio Day

August 26

International Day of Women’s Equality

August 26

International Dog Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - August 30, Frankenstein Day

August 30

Frankenstein Day

Born on August 30, 1797, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley authored the novel Frankenstein in 1816, releasing it in 1818. Frankenstein Day, established to commemorate Mary Shelley and her creation, is celebrated annually on her birthday. It is also recognized as National Frankenstein Day.

August 31

International Bacon Day

September 2024

September 01

First Day of Classical Music Month

September 05

International Day of Charity

September 05

National Be Late for Something Day

September 06

National Read a Book Day

September 07

International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

September 08

World Physical Therapy Day

September 08

International Literacy Day

September 12

National Video Games Day

September 13

World Positive Thinking Day

September 14

World First Aid Day

September 15

International Day of Democracy

September 15

First Day of National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15

National Online Learning Day

September 17

International Country Music Day

September 21

National Clean Up Day

September 21

International Day of Peace

September 22

International Daughters Day

September 22-23

September Equinox

September 23

International Day of Sign Language

September 27

World Tourism Day

September 29

World Heart Day

September 30

International Translation Day

September 30

International Podcast Day

October 2024

October 01

International Day of Older Persons

October 01

International Coffee Day

October 01

World Vegetarian Day

October 02

International Day of Non-Violence

October 02

National Name Your Car Day

October 03

National Boyfriend Day

October 04

First Day of World Space Week

October 04

World Smile Day

October 04

National Taco Day

October 05

World Teachers’ Day

October 05

National Do Something Day

October 06

Daylight Saving Time Starts [Australia]

October 07

World Habitat Day

October 07

World Architecture Day

October 07

World Cotton Day

October 07

National Child Health Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - October 9, World Post Day

October 09

World Post Day

This marks the founding anniversary of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland. The UPU Congress in Tokyo, Japan, in 1969 officially designated it as World Post Day. Since then, nations globally have participated in annual celebrations. Many countries utilize the occasion to launch and showcase new postal products and services.

October 10

Last Day of World Space Week

October 10

World Mental Health Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - October 12, International Astronomy Day

October 12

International Astronomy Day

Observed around the first quarter moon during spring and fall, specifically on October 12 and May 18 in 2024, International Astronomy Day is dedicated to advancing education and comprehension of the universe. Popular activities include stargazing, visits to planetariums, and participation in astronomy workshops.

October 14

National Dessert Day

October 14

World Standards Day

October 15

Last Day of National Hispanic Heritage Month

October 16

World Food Day

October 16

Global Ethics Day

October 16

National Boss’s Day

October 17

National Pasta Day

October 19

World Values Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - October 21, Back to the Future Day

October 21

Back to the Future Day

In 1989, numerous enthusiasts of the Back to the Future movie trilogy witnessed the initial glimpses of time travel through the DeLorean's windshield in Back to the Future 2. For nearly 26 years, fans awaited the specific date of October 21, 2015, when Doc (Christopher Lloyd), Marty (Michael J. Fox), and Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue) journeyed into the future.Presently, we join in the excitement of pop culture by observing National Back to the Future Day, acknowledging that it's no longer technically the future.

October 24

United Nations Day

October 25

International Artist Day

October 26

National Pumpkin Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - October 27, International Panda Day

October 27

International Panda Day

Assigned by The World Wildlife Fund China, the International Panda Day emphasizes conservation initiatives for the black and white bear, recognized as a national treasure in China. Remember that serving as the organization's logo is the panda since its establishment in 1961!

October 27

Daylight Saving Time Ends [Europe]

October 31


October 31

World Savings Day

November 2024

November 01

First Day of Native American Heritage Month

November 03

The New York City Marathon

November 03

Daylight Saving Time Ends [USA & Canada]

November 03

World Sandwich Day

Social media holiday calendar 2024 - November 9, World Freedom Day

November 09

World Freedom Day

World Freedom Day is a yearly observance commemorating the historic occurrences of November 9, 1989, when the Berlin Wall, dividing East and West Berlin, was breached and subsequently dismantled. This symbolic event signified the conclusion of the Cold War and the initiation of a new era characterized by freedom and unity.

November 11

World Origami Day

November 14

World Diabetes Day

November 15

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

November 19

World Toilet Day

November 20, World Children’s Day

November 20

World Children’s Day

Established in 1954, this day fosters global unity, raises awareness among children worldwide, and enhances their welfare. Since 1990, the day also commemorates the adoption of the Declaration and the Convention on Children's Rights by the UN General Assembly. It serves as an inspiring opportunity to advocate, promote, and celebrate children's rights, fostering dialogues and actions toward building a better world for children.

November 21

World Philosophy Day

November 21

World Hello Day

November 21

World Television Day

November 28

Thanksgiving [USA]

November 29

Black Friday

December 2024

December 01

World AIDS Day

December 2, Cyber Monday

December 02

Cyber Monday

Occurring on the first Monday following Thanksgiving and Black Friday; this is a day when Americans return to work and make online purchases. Earning its name from the emphasis on digital transactions; the day lets major online retailers offer their most substantial discounts. In contrast to Black Friday, which centers on physical businesses in local communities, Cyber Monday is centered around online sales.

December 03

National Make a Gift Day

December 04

National Cookie Day

December 05

World Soil Day

December 05

World Turkish Coffee Day

December 10

Human Rights Day

December 10

Nobel Prize Day

December 11

International Mountain Day

December 20

International Human Solidarity Day

December 21

International Basketball Day

December 21

Winter Solstice

December 24

Christmas Eve

December 25

Christmas [Catholic]

December 25

Hanukkah until January 2, 2025

December 27

International Day of Epidemic Preparedness Day

Social media holiday calendar - December 28, International Cinema Day

December 28

International Cinema Day

On December 28, 1895, in Paris, France, the Lumière brothers presented brief films to a paying audience, marking the world's inaugural commercial movie screening. International Cinema Day is globally celebrated on December 28 in commemoration of this historic event.

December 31

New Year’s Eve

Using hashtags for holidays

Using hashtags is essential for holiday posts; they give you the opportunity to gain extra exposure and present your brand to new prospects. Consider them as free ads, if you will. Not every holiday has a popular hashtag, but even if a hashtag is unpopular, you might want to see if it works for you. Being seen in unpopular feeds is much easier than being seen in a feed that has a new post popping up every second. And, as always, don’t go overboard with hashtags—use them wisely—unless it’s Instagram. Everyone goes overboard with hashtags on Instagram. In case you don’t know this trick, you can post your hashtags in the comments section so your post doesn’t look messy. You can even delete the comment once every couple of hours and then repost it so you can be added to the top of the hashtag feed again.

Holiday campaign tips

If you decide to have a holiday campaign, like a sale or a deal, we suggest that you announce it beforehand. Of course, it all depends on the type of campaign and your business goals, but it’s usually much more beneficial to let people know about it beforehand. Even if they’re not interested in your offer, they’ll still be reminded about your brand.

Let’s say you have a Christmas sale. During Christmas, there are so many posts that it’s very difficult to be noticed. People might just give your post a glance and scroll ahead, and your campaign might not get the attention you want. However, if you start your campaign beforehand, the chances of your campaign being noticed are much higher.

Greeting cards distribution channels

Greeting cards are always a good idea, especially if your designers can create a fun spin on the design so that people will be more drawn to engage with the post. It’s a good idea to share these a day or two before major holidays so that more people will notice them. If you share a greeting card on the day of a major holiday, it might get lost in the social media chaos.

Social observances

For observances such as Clean Your Desk Day and Earth Day, you can jump on board and show how your company has chosen to celebrate the day. For Clean Your Desk Day, you could think of a fun way to show how your staff has chosen to clean their desks. For Earth Day, you could participate in an environmental cause and take the opportunity to state how your company is contributing to helping keep our environment clean and healthy.

With some holidays, you can not only remind people about your brand but also show them how strong your culture is, which some people take into account when interacting with a business.

Giveaways, contents, and other engaging activities

Giveaways and contests are amazing ways to get your followers to engage with your brand on social platforms, and holidays are a great excuse to have a giveaway or contest! Take traditional social media competitions, such as photo caption contests, like to enter, random comment wins, and add a little holiday theme to them. Now you’ve got yourself some green arrow ups in your SM analytics.

The aftermath

Don’t forget to create separate reports of each holiday’s campaign performance so that next year you’ll have some solid info on what works for your brand and what doesn’t. Data can be a great tool to move you forward in your social media efforts, so always summarize your performance for each holiday campaign — just make sure to use reliable analytics tools for this task.

Whether it’s the 4th of July or Hot Sauce Day, be fun, be creative, and let your customers know that you’re there to help them make every day a celebration!

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