2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar [Downloadable]

Almost every day of the year is some sort of a holiday on the internet and you definitely don’t want to miss the chance to celebrate them with your followers. Whether it’s Marzipan Day, Cat Day, or Halloween you want your social media accounts to be prepared to properly celebrate. That’s why our team created The Definitive 2020 Holiday Calendar so you don’t have to.

With this holiday calendar, you can review the holidays, pick the ones that are relevant to your company profile and to your following, then create social media content for those special days. You can have a social media campaign that either aims to drive traffic, attract more followers or raise brand awareness. Just make sure to clearly define your goal and the specific boost in your KPIs that you want to achieve with your campaign.

And don’t forget about the hashtags, each holiday or observance day comes with its own hashtag, so don’t forget to use that for good social media exposure. Just keep in mind to use the less popular variation of the holiday hashtags too, don’t just go with the crazy popular #MerryChristmas-type hashtags.

For an amazing social media success, try to go beyond making posts on those special days. Discounts, fun visual content, or maybe even creating special limited edition product lines can lead to great success. The opportunities are limitless.

To help you plan a successful social media calendar for this year, we created this calendar which is full of holidays and observances. Both international and US holidays/observances are included.

Below you can download the Google Calendar .ics file and add it to your own calendar of choice. Review the calendar and pick the events that are most relevant to your company and followers. Each event has a description with brief info about the event.

Even if you do not plan your social media calendar for the whole year, this calendar still can help you be reminded about the upcoming holidays and observances. Just make sure to adjust the notification settings according to your preferences.

Downloadable Social Media Holiday Calendar

Add to my Google calendar.

Download as ICS.

January 2020

January 01: New Year's Day

January 06: Epiphany [Christian]

January 07: Orthodox Christmas Day

January 08: Earth's Rotation Day

January 12: Marzipan Day

January 13: Clean Off Your Desk Day

January 13: Stephen Foster Memorial Day

January 14: Orthodox New Year

January 15: Hat Day

January 16: Nothing Day

January 17: Benjamin Franklin Day

January 17: Lee-Jackson Day* [Virginia State Holiday]

January 19: Confederate Heroes' Day [Texas]

January 19: National Popcorn Day

January 19: Robert E. Lee's Birthday [Florida]

January 20: Civil Rights Day [Arizona, New Hampshire]

January 20: Idaho Human Rights Day [Idaho]

January 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 20: Penguin Awareness Day

January 20: Robert E. Lee's Birthday [Alabama, Mississippi]

January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 22: Hot Sauce Day

January 24: Compliment Day

January 25: Chinese New Year

January 26: Spouse's Day

January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day

January 29: Kansas Day

January 29: Puzzle Day

February 2020

February 01: Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

February 01: National Freedom Day

February 02: Groundhog Day

February 02: Super Bowl

February 04: Rosa Parks Day

February 04: Thank Your Mailman Day

February 05: World Nutella Day

February 07: National Wear Red Day

February 09: National Pizza Day

February 10: Tu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat [Jewish Holiday]

February 12: Lincoln's Birthday

February 14: Statehood Day [Arizona]

February 14: Valentine's Day

February 15: Susan B. Anthony's Birthday [CA, FL, NY, WI]

February 16: Elizabeth Peratrovich Day [Alaska]

February 17: Presidents' Day

February 17: Daisy Gatson Bates Day [Arkansas]

February 22: Be Humble Day

February 25: National Pancake Day

February 26: Ash Wednesday [Christian]

February 26: Tell a Fairy Tale Day

February 27: International Polar Bear Day

February 28: Linus Pauling Day [Oregon]

March 2020

March 01: St. David's Day [Christian]

March 02: Casimir Pulaski Day [Oregon]

March 02: Read Across America Day

March 02: Texas Independence Day

March 03: Town Meeting Day [Vermont]

March 06: Employee Appreciation Day in the United States

March 09: Barbie Day

March 09: Holi

March 09: Napping Day

March 10: Mario Day

March 10: Purim

March 12: Alfred Hitchcock Day

March 14: National Potato Chip Day

March 14: Pi Day

March 17: Evacuation Day [Massachusetts]

March 17: St. Patrick's Day

March 18: Awkward Moments Day

March 20: March Equinox

March 22: Isra and Mi'raj

March 25: Maryland Day

March 26: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 26: National Spinach Day

March 26: Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole [Hawaii]

March 29: National Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 30: Seward's Day [Alaska]

March 30: Take a Walk in the Park Day

March 31: César Chávez Day

April 2020

April 01: April Fool's Day

April 02: Pascua Florida Day

April 04: Tell a Lie Day

April 05: Palm Sunday

April 06: National Tartan Day

April 09: Maundy Thursday

April 09: Passover [Jewish]

April 10: Good Friday

April 11: Holy Saturday

April 12: Easter Sunday

April 13: Easter Monday

April 13: Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

April 15: Father Damien Day [Hawaii]

April 15: Tax Day

April 16: Emancipation Day

April 16: Last Day of Passover [Jewish]

April 17: Orthodox Good Friday [Christian]

April 18: Orthodox Holy Saturday [Christian]

April 18: Picnic Day

April 19: Orthodox Easter [Christian]

April 20: Boston Marathon

April 20: Orthodox Easter Monday [Christian]

April 20: Patriot's Day

April 21: National Library Workers' Day

April 21: San Jacinto Day

April 22: Administrative Professionals Day

April 22: Jelly Bean Day

April 22: Oklahoma Day

April 23: Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

April 24: Arbor Day [Nebraska]

April 24: Ramadan Starts [Muslim]

April 29: Yom Ha'atzmaut

April 30: Honesty Day

May 2020

May 01: Batman Day

May 01: Kentucky Oaks

May 01: Law Day

May 01: Lei Day

May 01: Loyalty Day

May 01: No Pants Day

May 02: Astronomy Day

May 02: Kentucky Derby

May 04: Rhode Island Independence Day

May 04: Star Wars Day

May 05: Cinco de Mayo

May 06: National Nurses Day

May 07: National Day of Prayer

May 08: Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 08: Truman Day [Missouri]

May 08: Victory in Europe Day

May 10: Mother's Day

May 12: Lag BaOmer [Jewish]

May 12: Primary Election Day

May 15: Peace Officers Memorial Day

May 16: Armed Forces Day

May 16: Preakness Stakes

May 19: Lailat al-Qadr

May 21: Ascension Day [Christian]

May 22: National Maritime Day

May 23: Harvey Milk Day

May 24: Eid al-Fitr [Jewish]

May 25: Memorial Day

May 28: Hamburger Day

May 29: Shavuot

May 31: Pentecost [Christian]

May 31: Say Something Nice Day

June 2020

June 01: Leave the Office Early Day

June 01: Whit Monday

June 04: Hug Your Cat Day

June 06: Belmont Stakes

June 06: D-Day

June 07: Trinity Sunday [Christian]

June 08: Best Friends Day

June 09: Donald Duck Day

June 11: Kamehameha Day [Hawaii]

June 12: Red Rose Day

June 14: Army Birthday

June 14: Flag Day

June 19: Juneteenth [Texas]

June 20: American Eagle Day

June 20: West Virginia Day

June 21: Father's Day

June 21: International Day of Yoga

June 21: National Selfie Day

June 22: Onion Ring Day

June 23: Typewriter Day

June 30: Social Media Day

July 2020

July 02: I Forgot Day

July 03: International Plastic Bag Free Day

July 04: Independence Day

July 06: World Kissing Day

July 07: Tell the Truth Day

July 08: Video Games Day

July 14: Bastille Day

July 17: World Emoji Day

July 19: National Ice Cream Day

July 21: Junk Food Day

July 26: Parents' Day

July 27: National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

July 29: Lipstick Day

July 30: Tisha B'Av

July 31: Eid al-Adha [Jewish]

August 2020

August 01: Colorado Day

August 03: Raksha Bandhan [Hindu]

August 07: Purple Heart Day

August 08: International Cat Day

August 10: Janmashtami [Hindu]

August 10: Victory Day

August 15: Assumption of Mary [Christians]

August 17: Bennington Battle Day

August 19: National Aviation Day

August 20: Muharram

August 21: Ganesh Chaturthi [Hindu]

August 21: Hawaii Statehood Day

August 21: Senior Citizens Day

August 26: Women's Equality Day

August 27: Lyndon Baines Johnson Day [Texas]

September 2020

September 06: Read a Book Day

September 07: Labor Day

September 09: Teddy Bear Day

September 11: Patriot Day

September 13: National Grandparents Day

September 13: Positive Thinking Day

September 17: Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

September 17: International Country Music Day

September 18: Air Force Birthday

September 18: National POW/MIA Recognition Day

September 19: National CleanUp Day

September 19: Rosh Hashana [Jewish] (Texas)

September 25: Native Americans' Day [California]

September 27: Gold Star Mother's Day

September 28: Yom Kippur [Jewish]

October 2020

October 02: World Smile Day

October 03: First Day of Sukkot [Jewish]

October 04: Feast of St Francis of Assisi [Christian]

October 04: Taco Day

October 05: Child Health Day

October 09: Last Day of Sukkot [Jewish]

October 10: Shmini Atzeret [Jewish]

October 11: Simchat Torah [Jewish]

October 12: Columbus Day

October 12: Indigenous People's Day

October 13: Ada Lovelace Day

October 13: Navy Birthday

October 15: White Cane Safety Day

October 16: Boss's Day

October 17: Navratri [Hindu]

October 17: Sweetest Day

October 18: Alaska Day

October 29: The Prophet's Birthday [Muslim]

October 30: Nevada Day

October 31: Halloween

November 2020

November 01: All Saints' Day [Christian]

November 01: New York City Marathon

November 02: All Souls' Day

November 03: Election Day

November 05: Return Day [Delaware]

November 10: Marine Corps Birthday

November 11: Origami Day

November 11: Veterans Day

November 14: Diwali/Deepavali [Hinduism]

November 15: Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

November 19: World Toilet Day

November 21: World Hello Day

November 21: World Television Day

November 26: Thanksgiving

November 27: American Indian Heritage Day

November 27: Black Friday

November 30: Cyber Monday

December 2020

December 01: Rosa Parks Day

December 03: Making a Gift Day

December 06: St Nicholas Day

December 07: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

December 08: Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 11: Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day) [Jewish]

December 12: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe [Christian]

December 13: National Guard Birthday

December 17: Pan American Aviation Day

December 17: Wright Brothers Day

December 18: Last Day of Chanukah [Jewish]

December 24: Christmas Eve

December 25: Christmas Day

December 26: Boxing Day

December 31: New Year's Eve

Using Hashtags for Holidays

Using hashtags is essential for holiday posts. These give you the opportunity to gain extra exposure and present your brand to new prospects. Consider them as free ads if you will. Not every holiday has a popular hashtag, but even if it’s unpopular you might want to explore the uncharted waters to see whether it works for you or not. Being seen in unpopular feeds is much easier than in a feed that has a new post popping out every second.

And as always, don’t go overboard with hashtags, use them wisely. Unless its Instagram. Everyone goes overboard with hashtags on Instagram. In case you don’t know this trick, you can post your hashtags in the comments section so your post doesn’t look messy. You can even delete the comment once in a couple of hours and then repost it so you can be added to the top of the hashtag feed again.

Holiday Campaign Tips

If you decided to have a holiday campaign, like a sale or a deal, we suggest you announce it beforehand. Of course, it all depends on the type of your campaign and your business goals, but it is usually much more beneficial to let people know beforehand. Even if they’re not interested in your offer they’ll still be reminded about your brand.

Let’s say you have a Christmas sale. During Christmas, there are so many posts it’s very hard to be noticed. People will just give your post a glance and scroll ahead. This way your campaign might not get the attention you want. However, if you start your campaign beforehand, the chances of your campaign being noticed are much higher.

Greeting Cards: When to share?

Greeting cards are always a good idea! Especially if your designers can take a fun spin on the design, people will be more drawn to engage with the post. It’s a good idea to share these a day or two before the major holidays so that more people will notice it. Otherwise, if you share it on the day of a major holiday it might be lost in the social media chaos.

Social Observances

For observances like Clean Your Desk Day and Earth Day, you can jump on board and show how your company chose to celebrate the day. For Clean Your Desk Day, you can think of a fun way to show how your staff chose to clean their desks. For Earth Day, you can participate in an environmental cause and take the chance to state how your company is contributing to help keep our environment clean and healthy.

With some holidays, you can not only remind people about your brand but also show how strong your culture is, which some people take into account when interacting with a business.

Giveaways, Contests, and Other Engaging Activities

Giveaways and contests are an amazing way to get your followers to engage with your brand on social platforms. And holidays are a great excuse to have one! Take traditional social media competitions, i.e. photo caption contests, “like to enter”, “random comment wins”, and add a little holiday theme to it. Now you’ve got yourself some green arrow ups in your SM analytics.

The Aftermath

Don’t forget to create separate reports for your campaign performance of each holiday. This way, next year you’ll have some solid info on what works for your brand and what doesn’t. Data can be a great tool to get you forward in your social media efforts so always summarize your performance for each holiday campaign. Just make sure to use reliable analytics tools for this task.

Whether it’s the 4th of July or Hot Sauce Day, be fun, be creative and let your customers know that you are there to help them make every day a celebration.

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