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Using Buffer but looking for more than a scheduling tool with a few extra features? Discover, an all-in-one solution that puts your social media activities on autopilot.


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All-in-one social media management solution built for scale.

Growing teams see the difference.Tailored for
expanding businesses
with growing teams.

A robust and powerful dashboard loaded with advanced social media management features.

Quick setup, minimal learning curve, and enhanced team collaboration at every level.

Personalized 1-on-1 onboarding, complemented by comprehensive help articles, FAQs, and
dedicated customer support.

Pricing packages based on comprehensive solutions, not individual features.

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Intuitive marketing tools for ambitious people and teams.

Offers features for helping smaller businesses and creators.

Welcoming dashboard for
newbies or social media experts.

Simple and easy-to-navigate setup process.

Provides resources like help articles, FAQs, and customer support to assist users during the onboarding process.

Different pricing for different features.

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Social media and web monitoring

Competitor analysis




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Beyond Buffer's boundaries

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Social media and web monitoring

Monitor your brand mentions without directly tagging your brand

Evaluate brand health by listening to brand-relevant conversations

Oversee the sentiment(s) behind brand mentions

Stay connected with customizable email alerts

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Competitor analysis

Understand your competitor's content strategy

Visualize competitors' metrics in one report

Automate routine copying + pasting of competitors' historical data

Save time with scheduled competitor reports

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Advanced team management

Invite an unlimited number of stakeholders at no cost

Customize multi-level access permissions to align with your internal team hierarchy or meet client-specific requirements

Effortlessly track your team's activities with real-time team logs

Implement organized and controlled processes with assignment and approval workflows

Foster improved team communication by utilizing internal notes

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Engagement excellence via team performance reports

Accurately measure team performance KPIs

Understand how your team is doing in terms of responding

Observe if there have been notable changes in your team’s performance

Overview of which teammates are performing best or worst

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Discover what’s possible
with, just like Buffer


Approval workflow

Team logs

TikTok, Reels, Carousels, Story and Shorts scheduling

Content calendar

Post preview

Multilevel user roles


Social CRM tool

Assign conversation owners

Multilevel access permissions

Team performance reports

Reply templates

Exportable reports


Detailed social media analytics reports

Cross-channel historical data

Automated reports

Content intelligence with individual social media posts’ performance metrics

Unlimited reports

Paid performance metrics

See why global brands

Empower your team

Bring success across social media channels

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