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Better social media communications for Eczacıbaşı Group Case Studies - Eczacıbaşı - Duygu Inci Alkan

Duygu Inci Alkan

Digital Marketing Executive case study - Eczacıbaşı


Eczacıbaşı Group

Employee count



Istanbul, Turkey


Investment Management

Prominent Turkish industrial group with 44 companies, over 11,000 employees, and an $800M turnover in 2020

Pursuing better communication within their enormous industrial group and with their audiences outside, Eczacıbaşı Group resorted to for social media management, and they have been praising our services ever since. Grateful for the collaboration, we asked the company’s representative, Digital Marketing Executive Duygu Alkan, what she found particularly helpful. Duygu uses the Reporting Module a lot and describes it as “user-friendly and self-explanatory.” She also appreciates the all-in-one single dashboard that is convenient for users and she is happy that we have a solution-oriented support team available 24/7.

Founded in 1942, Eczacıbaşı is one of Turkey’s most notable industrial groups. It is the leader in most of its businesses with some of the most effective distribution and production networks in the country for building products, pharmaceuticals, and fast-moving consumer goods.

Communication is crucial for giants like Eczacıbaşı. Aiming to reach the target audience at the right time, Digital Marketing Executive states: “It’s very important for us to follow what a customer says about a brand, and is a very suitable platform to find this.”

Eczacıbaşı’s new ambition is the Digital Transformation Coordinatorship. The goal is to establish a structure that evolves with the customer and uses digital technologies with a data-oriented perspective while developing new business models that will help the Group develop. Keeping up with the latest technologies is challenging, especially for big old companies, and they will not succeed unless they learn to adapt advanced social media management tools like

At some point, the Group dropped one of the largest global software in the social media management industry and switched to We asked Duygu why, and she said, “One of our duties is to provide analytical reports. Each brand has weekly and even daily metrics to consider; reaching these metrics whenever we need has become a very simple and fast process for me and for all the Group thanks to”

We are happy to keep on working with Eczacıbaşı Group, and we continue to improve the solutions we offer to them and to other partners of ours. Collaboration with a large, well-established group only strengthened our belief that any business today needs a good social media management tool.

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