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Osman Zeren
Social Media Analyst Havas Creative Group

Havas Creative Group - Succcess Story

Established in 1999 as one of Turkey's first digital marketing agencies, Project House has a significant role in the advertising world. After having joined Havas Global in 2017; the agency is now providing 360-degree marketing services to the world's best brands from Turkey to Brazil to Cape Town to London, under the name of Havas Creative Group.

With over 100 employees and more than 30 brands, Havas Creative Group is one of our customers who use the most efficiently. We had a pleasant conversation with one of the Social Media Data Analysts at Havas Creative Group, Osman Zeren, regarding their experience.

5 years of mutual trust

Serving national and international brands such as Vitra, Aktif Bank, Jacobs Turkey, Borusan Holding, Hyundai, Nestle Pure; Havas Creative Group joined our family 5 years ago in order to bring a practice to their ever-increasing customer portfolio and workload.

When we asked Osman to tell us about the most enjoyable parts of working with; his answers were as follows;

We have been using actively for 5 years and there has not been a day where we didn’t get a reply from you within 10-15 minutes. I can say that your response rate is better than most agencies. It's really nice that we can get in touch with your support team very quickly for all our questions.
‘Reporting becomes so much easier and more enjoyable thanks to you. The most user-friendly feature of Report is the report itself. It is also very important and practical to be able to separate the metrics I want to include into my report. For example, I am able to pull out an engagement-only report or a reach-only one. As a Data Analyst, my most important task is creating reports and to do this with a tool that you don’t get tired of in terms of design and software makes me feel a lot more comfortable.’

Some of the great conveniences provides us and our customers are the Listen & Engage modules and their ability to create graphics and category selection with keywords. User comments are also very important for our brand; especially in the fast moving consumer products category. Thanks to your Social Media Listen tool, we can monitor both the web and social media very quickly.’

A practical solution partner for the whole team

It is very easy to create a content calendar for Osman and his team as they actively use all of's Publish, Listen, Engage, Report, and Competitor Analysis tools. It has become very practical to include the customer into the Publish tool and work all the briefing, revision and approval processes from one single dashboard without creating any email traffic.

Osman spent a long time on our Competitor Analysis tool in order to see how digital communication was being handled by competing brands in the first weeks of the pandemic. ‘Competitor Analysis is very helpful in times of such crisis. We can grasp answers to questions like 'What’s being said for the benefit or for the detriment of the brand?' on the tool and show them to the customer within specific time periods and/or keywords.” he adds.

We would like to thank Osman for sharing his views and spending time with us!

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