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Cameron Sangstern
Founder Vogue Consulting

Vogue Consulting - Success Story

We recently had a pleasant meeting with Cameron Sangster, who has been actively using since the day he launched his Australia-based digital marketing agency.

Before entering the digital marketing industry, Cameron has worked in the automotive, construction, health and durable home appliance industries for about 12 years. In order to better get to know the sectors he worked in, Cameron gained experiences both in the factory flow and in the management departments. He played active roles in many areas from customer relations to business development, from sales to marketing department and eventually, he worked his way up into the national sales and marketing manager position. Having spent a lot of time and effort on digital marketing in this position; he realized that he loved the field and he decided to focus all his energy on digital marketing and founded Vogue Consulting about 8 months ago.

'Things outside my own control pointed me into realising that digital marketing is something I needed to pursue as a long term goal. Should I start doing a business that concentrates on a particular style of marketing? The answer was a big no. What I enjoy is working with different people in different industries. The idea of establishing an agency where I could combine my professional experiences with my own network came to my mind.' added Cameron

Customer-centric service in a fast-paced world

Cameron adds; ‘I love working with clients who know why they exist. If a company doesn't know why it exists, it's a big loss.' and he is aware of the fact that the social media world has extremely active dynamics. He enjoys being able to keep himself up-to-date with all the developments in this world via our weekly newsletters.

“Social media and digital marketing world have been changing and developing rapidly, especially in the last few years. While creating 80% proactive to 20% reactive content plans with my customers, we now put together plans with 80% reactive to 20% proactive contents. Instead of having a 12-month calendar of campaigns, we now have a 12-day calendar plan because so much could change within 2 weeks.’ Cameron says.

Cameron’s most-used module is the Publish module. He also enjoys the fact that there are no surprise charges or limited features along the way, whereas with other third party social media management tools, all of a sudden, you are charged extra for a specific tool. ‘ is very clear, you know that what you buy is what you get. There are no tricks. Additionally, I can pull out analytics not just from the day I signed up. can go back and pull all the data to show me instantly.’ he adds. He also finds our Report module very detailed yet super easy to understand.

A big thank you to Cameron for sharing his views and taking the time to share with us!

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