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Working fruitfully with Vogue Consulting Case Studies - Vogue Consulting - Cameron Sangstern

Cameron Sangstern

Founder case study - Vogue Consulting


Vogue Consulting

Employee count



Sydney and Scoresby, Australia


Marketing & Advertising

Australian digital marketing agency

Previously sticking to a 12-month social media plan, Vogue Consulting has had to switch to a 12-day campaign calendar instead. The reason is that so much is happening in the world and in the various fields where the agency’s clients work that planning for more than two weeks ahead would be unhelpful. To manage their social media, Vogue Consulting uses, particularly praising the way Analytics module can be quickly generated for clients and the transparency of what we provide.

Founded eight months ago by a man of an extremely diverse professional background, Vogue Consulting does digital marketing for a vast array of businesses, engaging in a multitude of spheres and sectors, which is particularly appreciated by the founder. As a result, the company needs to stay updated “all over the shop,” as the founder, Cameron Sangstern, puts it.

The goal that the agency pursues is to deliver customer-centered service in this fast-paced world. The founder stresses that the social media world has extremely active dynamics. He enjoys being able to keep himself up-to-date with all the developments in this world via our weekly newsletters.

“Social media and digital marketing world have been changing and developing rapidly, especially in the last few years. While creating 80% proactive to 20% reactive content plans with my customers, we now put together plans with 80% reactive to 20% proactive contents,” Cameron says.

Cameron’s most-used module is the Publish module. He finds our Report module very detailed yet super easy to understand. He also enjoys the fact that there are no surprise charges or limited features along the way, whereas with other third-party social media management tools, all of a sudden, one can be charged extra for this tool or that one.

“ is very clear. You know that what you buy is what you get. There are no tricks. Additionally, I can pull out analytics just from the day I signed up. can go back and pull all the data to show me everything I need to see.”

We appreciate clients like Vogue Consulting because they are professionals who truly know who they are, what they are pursuing, and what they need. We are happy to help them in their pursuits with our tools that we tailor to the needs of fellow modern digital businesses.

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