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Countly delivers product analytics that so many businesses from various industries are in dire need of. What makes Countly stand out among their competitors is the pivotal focus on user data privacy. The team is 40 people from nearly 20 countries. One of the members of the firm’s newly-structured Marketing Department, Talha Bolat, told us why his firm switched to

“With, we could listen to our audience and get detailed reports and competitor analysis”, he says. Our services make it easier for Countly to monitor web and social media to uncover business insights, manage social media content strategies, and monitor pages’ performance with automated reports.

Being a B2B company, Countly has to communicate with companies in a wide range of spheres, so their digital strategies have to be complicated. Talha adds, “We will make more use of the [] features such as Competitor Analysis.”

During the pandemic, it became obvious to businesses all over the world that the future is digital. Talha says. Correct data analysis is thus crucial, and the tools that help reliably automate this analysis, like ours, become precious to everyone.

“The time a customer spends on any site or application,” the marketing practitioner says, “the decisions they make, the steps they take, and the data generated from all this are important for both the brand and the customer.”

We’re continuously providing social media solutions to Countly, and we’re happy to do it. A long-standing partner like this is what we treasure in our business. It’s our dedication to keep coming up with better ideas and implementing them in the best interest of fellow digital companies working in today’s overwhelmingly competitive industry.

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