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Talha Bolat
Digital Marketer Countly


Countly is a product analytics and innovation platform used by hundreds of enterprises and global and corporate brands in the healthcare, telecom, automotive, and banking industries (among others). Some of the most prominent features of Countly that differ from other analytical products are; it being plugin based, with a pivotal focus around user data privacy.

Countly manages its operations with a team of 40 from nearly 20 countries. We talked about the importance of digital experience and the future of its social media strategies with Talha Bolat, one of the members of the firm’s newly-structured Marketing department.

Before using, we had Buffer Publish. However, switching to, where we could listen to our audience, get detailed reports, and competitor analysis, was a much more appropriate decision in line with our strategies.

Talha graduated from Boğaziçi University and majored in Civil Engineering. His interest in marketing grew during his university years and he got experienced in marketing and social media through university clubs and internships. Then, Talha started working part-time for London Brand Solutions and Countly.

Continuing a full-time career focused on social media at Countly; Talha creates social media content, schedules, and reports through

Countly focuses on companies in finance, telecommunications, healthcare, media, technology, and gaming industries and it’s a B2B product. Stating that they will also include various communication strategies on their social media platforms in the near future; Talha adds "We will make more use of the features such as competitor analysis and listening with our new digital strategies’’

Future = Digital

‘Due to Covid-19, we clearly see once again that the future is digital’ Talha says. Talha adds that this new digital world that develops with correct data analysis by companies is advantageous for everyone.

Knowing that more and more people reach products and services via digital platforms, he adds; "Digital sites and applications have a great place in our habits and even in our monthly expenses. Now, as a customer, our experience with a brand exists in the digital world. The time a customer spends on any site or application, the decisions they make, the steps they take, and the data generated from all these are important for both the brand and the customer.’’

We would like to thank Talha for sharing his valuable comments and thoughts, and the entire Countly team for choosing us in their social media solutions.

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