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Increasing customer engagement with VMLY&R Case Studies - VMLY&R - Mehmet Kecili

Mehmet Keçili

Head of Analytics case study - VMLY&R



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Kansas City, United States


Marketing & Advertising

Transformational experience agency, member of WPP

The main benefit we at delivered to VMLY&R Turkey is equipping them with better data to make informed, wise investment decisions. According to Mehmet Keçili, the Head of Analytics, customer engagement was raised 2.5 times as a result within six months.

VMLY&R Turkey takes care of the digital activities of some of the industry leaders like Vodafone, Burger King, and Pharmaton. They’re currently heavily using our Reports function for more than 20 brands to understand customer behaviors and invest more in brands based on solid evidence in the form of data we manage to collect and analyze.

    We asked Mehmet which feature he thought made different from other social media management tools as he had used quite a few of them. “Definitely, the user experience and reporting,” he replied. “The analytics reports we download from are intended for the very end-user and super self-explanatory. Our customers can easily understand and read the reports thanks to the explanations on headings instead of complex metrics, and this saves us a ton of time.” He also likes it that the user can send a report to someone else as a weblink. It’s one of Mehmet’s favorite features on Others include:

  • Downloadable reports in the PPT, PDF, and XLS format with individual slides for each KPI.
  • Optimizable monthly, weekly, and daily schemes.
  • Rapid implementation of metrics added later along the way, like story completion rates.

Mehmet says, “At the beginning of the social media age, we used to only talk about simple interaction metrics such as likes or comments in organic reach, but now, we have impressions, story completion rates, conversions from posts, ROI-ROAS rates, and many many more. As new features and apps enter our daily lives, they turn into digital data and get reflected in the reports. To be able to report these new data quickly, to integrate them into our long- and short-term strategies by rationalizing them, and to be able to do this continuously put us ahead in the eyes of the customers.”

Knowing that the most important purpose for brands is to establish meaningful relationships with their consumers, Mehmet believes that in the near future, detailed metrics will lose their importance and the focus will lean towards single targets. Brands will select their agencies specifically based on those targets.

We find this opinion interesting, and we hope to keep working with VMLY&R Turkey to explore what the future holds together and to find out if Mehmet’s predictions will turn out to be true.

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