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Bringing growth, scalability, and efficiency through Case Studies - PunchBBDO - Bahar Arasan

Bahar Arasan

Digital Director case study - Vogue Consulting



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Istanbul, Türkiye


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Part of BBDO Worldwide and a member of Omnicom Group Inc

Bahar Arasan realized that she was a communicator when she began to work as an editor for a fashion-oriented e-commerce site upon graduating from Fashion Design. “I was more into words and into describing and explaining the textile rather than designing it.” With over 12 years of experience in digital communications, she’s seen the days when Instagram wasn’t out there. “Digital advertising - what is that?” she smiles. Time flies, and in 2020, she becomes Digital Director of PunchBBDO Türkiye, part of BBDO Worldwide, and a member of Omnicom Group Inc.

“Traditionally a conventional advertising agency; the environment at BBDO was a bit challenging.” Bahar says. “Digital marketers measure the success of digital advertising by numbers, metrics, and data. This might seem slightly less emotional to conventional advertisers. But it’s the nature of it. Our thing is engagement and reach.” she adds.

With a team of 19 digitally savvy people specialized in social media, Bahar and her team work with Metro Gross Markets, Ford Türkiye’s 52 dealerships in the country as well as Artıbir, Kendine Has, The Moment TR, King of Cheers, and many other valuable companies. They manage over 100 social media accounts on

“Reporting reporting reporting! Can you imagine reporting all these 100+ accounts manually? It's very wrong to do that manually. Those who know mathematics should do that. We, social media people, know tactics, strategies, and creative content production. There will be a lot of human error in manual reports, and it is actually normal. Yet it is very difficult to normalize this to a client. I think give people their own time back.” she continues. Engage and Listen modules come in very handy for the team when dealing with brand accounts, especially when we talk about all the dealerships in all 81 cities in Türkiye. Social CRM tools, multi-level access permissions, and customizable alerts are just some of the features they like within our Engage and Listen products.

“I speak highly of you in my client meetings. Your features and products are always evolving and improving, parallel to technology. I am very content with what you deliver. I also observe that my team is very happy to work with you.” she says.

Having experience in using other 3rd-party social media management tools apart from, Bahar finds our dashboard and interface pretty fun to navigate. “It’s bright, colorful, not boring, clean, and easy to use. Even if I have a problem or a question about your products, your rapid customer service solves all of them. I am also very happy to receive your weekly newsletters, it’s nice to get the updates. I was your subscriber even before using your tools.” she adds.

Thanks go to Bahar for this amazing chat about her career, her team, and her experience with us. We are always delighted to deliver the best API services to the best agencies and brands around the world.

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