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A new sector? No big deal, thanks to Case Studies - Analog Media - Ricardo Otero

Ricardo Otero

Co-founder / CEO case study - Analog Media


Analog Media

Employee count

2-10 employees


Mexico City


Online Audio and Video Media

A boutique digital agency based in Mexico City

Let’s start with a fun fact: Ricardo Otero came across Twitter and eventually became one of the first 500 people to download Twitter in Mexico!

In the early stages, he says, Twitter was used more for good causes, and you could really feel that people were creating and designing. He realized people really liked what he thought and wrote on his account. What he liked about this concept was exhibiting his ideas to a wider community and also learning about general opinions.

He started to get to know about the tools for social media management while working for one of the biggest bookstores in the nation, after graduating from Cinema and Film in college and training himself in analog and digital photography. Years later, Ricardo established an agency with his sister: Analog Media.

Analog Media is a boutique digital agency based in Mexico, that focuses on producing creative content and shaping social media strategies, built after an in-depth SWOT and competition analysis.

“The main reason for choosing was your Competitor Analysis tool, where I get to go back in time and export that previous data before I even signed up for it. This tool has helped me not to be afraid to take any clients from different sectors!” says Ricardo. “The big picture is a great one to see. The basis of what we do at Analog Media is to get insight deep into the market and open new windows of communication opportunities.” he adds. In his own words, the ‘super sleek interface’ of Publish and Competitor Analysis tools are his most-used ones.

Their clients, from a laundry service app to ETC, a Salesforce Partner, are all tech companies. Data is more important than anything.

“We are experiencing a digital world where the more money is invested in a campaign, the more exposure it will receive. This is a fact. Organic social media is almost dead. Even if you freely post the greatest message with the greatest static or dynamic design, you have to put money behind it.”

Showing their clients what is really going on in the market and in the digital world itself is something very worthy, he believes, and the Analytics module provides just that. Sometimes we forget why we got that much exposure back in the previous month. Filtering to that period, we may find out that there was Mother’s Day, and we had a campaign. Being aware and very close to these kinds of findings is a major thing.

“Clients like the reports and feel confident and secure while we feel peaceful to have any data we want right there at hand.” adds Ricardo. “It gives us flexibility and time to focus on the creative part, and that is something we do appreciate.”

In our genuine talk with Ricardo, he also brought up our customer service and our app, available for download both on iOS and Android. “Publishing is easy and fast on the app. Never saw it crash. Very practical. And if I ever have a problem or a question, you answer right away.”

He says that from where he stands as a client, he can really see us being committed and passionate about what we do here at

Talking with Ricardo and getting his feedback was a great opportunity for us! Sending hugs to Mexico and Ricardo!

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