Get ready! We have a cool update for LinkedIn
Get ready! We have a cool update for LinkedIn

We have implemented the new and updated LinkedIn API ✨

With this new LinkedIn API, you will be able to manage your comments and page mentions easier and faster via 🤗

How? Let’s dive into the details 

How was the process before:

LinkedIn comments: It was not instantly showing, and they were falling on the platform at regular intervals 🙂

Page mentions: The content in which your pages were mentioned was not visible on at all 🥲

How will it be from now on:

LinkedIn comments: You can see, manage and engage with your LinkedIn comments instantly via now 🚀

Page mentions: Mentions of your pages will also be instantly visible and manageable via — right after October 3rd, 2022.

🥁 Attention, please 🥁

To be able to start using this feature, we will be invalidating your LinkedIn access keys in the coming days.

All you have to do is update your access key to be able to use this feature 🤗

Therefore, no panic! 😎

If the access key of your LinkedIn pages becomes invalid between September 20-27, it’s us, working for your good 🍀

Ebru Kirimli

Ebru Kirimli is a digital marketing enthusiast and lifetime learner 🍀 She is a really big fan of traveling and meeting with new cultures around the world ✈️