2023 year review 2023 year review

Here we go again with our annual review.

The failure to mention “AI” a few times each day might lead to dire consequences—even Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, mentioned “AI” 27 times in his 15-minute keynote ✨ Setting jokes aside, 2023 is marked as the year of AI, and whether fortunately or unfortunately, 2024 and subsequent years will continue to be dominated by its power. It seems we cannot escape the influence of AI any longer.

Numerous tech giants integrated ChatGPT-powered AI into their products. Sometimes, it felt like a gold rush. The integrations set off a PR explosion. Marketing is buzzing with fresh stories to tell, sales are pumped about the AI boost, and the CEOs are ready to shout about how they transformed into an AI-first company. But what about the end user’s life? Anything changed?

However, AI integrations have not always been proven to improve the quality of the user experience. Often, we see cases of AI-integrated features fading out and failing to bring anticipated value. Focusing on end users’ problems and goals shapes product success paths. Thus, we at have deliberately decided to be cautious of trends and observe market needs.

As a social media management product, we are continuously looking for opportunities to implement AI by improving the lifecycle quality of our users. And the intention is to implement it thoughtfully by understanding where automation is needed.

For the entire year, we shipped almost daily—from tiny updates and minor bug fixes to new feature releases. We’re not slowing down in 2024! I can’t wait to see how gradually we’ll build a product that adapts and predicts ongoing changes happening in the social media marketing field.

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2023 in numbers

  • Monthly recurring revenue has increased by 35%.
  • The average amount of monthly revenue per user (ARPU) has increased by 45%, and we have customers that are located in over 40 countries.
  • Our team consists of 10 members, with 8 full-time and 2 part-time employees. We are proud of our team’s accomplishments and are grateful for their dedication.
  • Our weekly social media newsletter’s subscriber count doubled, reaching 6,900.

2023 in milestones

We’ve seamlessly integrated TikTok into every aspect of our products, from publishing to audience engagement and analytics.

TikTok integration

Full Twitter integration

In response to Twitter’s API policy change and deprecation of their V1 API endpoints, we underwent a comprehensive upgrade of our products to seamlessly integrate with the V2 version.

Twitter integration

Deeper integrations

We’ve expanded our integrations with social media platforms to provide a more robust solution. Our enhancements include Facebook Reels publishing and analytics, YouTube Shorts publishing and analytics, Instagram direct story publishing, a suite of upgraded analytics metrics, and more.

Deeper integrations

New onboarding experience

We’ve created the whole onboarding experience for new users, enabling them to seamlessly connect their social media accounts and utilize all our products within minutes.

New onboarding experience

We’ve completely redesigned and redeveloped our social media trends tool to create a powerful solution that simplifies the process of monitoring social media trends across multiple platforms.

Social media trends

Unified social media API now offers a unified API solution that automates your social media workflows by integrating real-time social media data into your internal tools and processes. 2023 year review - Unified social media API

Success stories

It was great meeting many of our users and hearing firsthand how has helped them streamline their social media workflows. 2023 year review - success stories

What to expect from 2024

As again, so many new delicious features are baking. 🧇

  • We are rebuilding our technology from the ground up, making it faster and easier to use with a new interface.
  • New social media platform integrations, such as integrating with Threads.
  • Integrating AI-powered capabilities to optimize social media management workflows.
  • Making API a complete unified social media API by adding capabilities such as webhook integration and new functionalities for product owners.

Kudos to our amazing team for their hard work in making all these achievements possible. And cheers to our awesome customers and partners for trusting in us throughout this journey.

Happy holidays 🎄

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Hasan Toprakkaya

Hasan is a lifelong entrepreneur with a result-oriented perspective 🎯 Now, along with leading, an all-in-one social media management platform, he is fathering a wonderful baby boy – Leon 👶