Engage Module: New solution to streamline work and boost team performance
Engage Module: New solution to streamline work and boost team performance
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Today social media engagement management is more complex and demanding. We grapple with overflowing social engagement, dig for important messages buried under tons of notifications, and battle to collaborate as a team. 

Our knowledge management is collapsing under communication spread in a growing list of tools and workflows. This all makes productive team collaboration more difficult and, as a result, hurts our performance metrics. 

We’ve heard your feedback. Thus we are happy to introduce a new Engage Module that aims to help you fight everyday obstacles and make it easier for social media teams to communicate with their audiences.  

On top of updating the overall design, here is a list of new features:

  1. The improved engagement assignment process.
  2. Clear and transparent team activities logs.
  3. Coming soon: New insightful team performance reports.
  4. Internal notes for better knowledge management.
  5. The improved templates creation process.

The improved engagement assignment process

Sociality.io new engage module - assignment process

Increasing the response times while maintaining customer satisfaction rates is the ultimate goal of every social media marketer. Our new assignment workflow enables even the most crowded teams to collaborate and effectively manage social media engagement. 

The updated navigation bar with the “Assigned to me” tab allows you to focus on the important tasks and cut through the clutter. Also, managers can quickly reach the “Unassigned” tab and filter out conversations to allocate them to the right person. Our Engage Module keeps teams coordinated.

We’ve built new advanced filters, so you can easily jump into conversations you were assigned to or overview the entire workflow.

Sociality.io new engage module - advanced filters

Clear and transparent team activities logs

Sociality.io new engage module - team activities log

Social media engagement dynamically transformed into a customer success channel. Thus, here at Sociality.io, we aimed to bring CRM-like features into your social inbox

Imagine a world where you can measure the success of your team performance inside every conversation. Now you can see all conversation logs, assignment time, first reply time, closing time, on top of the entire history of all actions that your team has taken to help social media audiences. 

Team performance measurement

Coming soon: New insightful team performance reports

New insightful team performance reports

Social media engagement reports are expanding, which means that you’ll be able to make smarter decisions and evaluate your teams’ performance. We’ve completely re-developed Engage Module’s backend and frontend to collect more data and visualize it to provide actionable metrics. 

You’ll see graphs and metrics such as the busiest time for conversations, new vs. replied conversations by page, team performance overview (number of replies sent, number of closed conversations, median response time, etc).

Internal notes for better knowledge management

Internal notes for better knowledge management

We’ve also built a bridge between team members. As global pandemics have moved us further apart from each other, quickly passing a note or sharing conversations’ context during lunch in some parts of the world is still impossible. So, we’ve moved the internal notes and conversations right where they should be — inside your social inbox. 

The improved templates creation process

The improved templates creation process

Work gets more complex, and repetitive messages crowding your social inbox add to the mix. Although we should have done it a long while ago, here is the update everybody needed. Now you can create a template in a few clicks

Our blood, sweat, and tears were put into this release. However, life is life and no software is bugs free. Feel free to share your experience and feedback about the new Engage Module and anything else with us! Glad to help, and here we are for you 👉 [email protected] 🤍

Hasan Toprakkaya

Hasan is a lifelong entrepreneur with a result-oriented perspective 🎯 Now, along with leading Sociality.io, an all-in-one social media management platform, he is fathering a wonderful baby boy – Leon 👶