Beyond Beta April 2022 at
Beyond Beta April 2022 at

Let’s start with a question: Do you believe in magic? 🧚‍♀️

So much happens in April – so many magics ✨

We can say that it is because of the nature of the month 🌞

It is believed that the month of April gets its name from the Latin – the verb aperire, which means to bloom or open 🌸 Throughout history, “April” hosted many important developments, births, and blooms. Such as the first YouTube video, the birth of Leonardo Da Vinci, and the bloom of the daisies.

Here is what has bloomed in in April ☀️

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As we promised: New reports will be “public beta” soon 🥁

Social media reports by

As you may remember from Beyond Beta February, we promised to update our social media reports. We are now so close to the conclusion for that update. Our new reports will be in public beta in May. Hold on! Okay, but what does it mean, and what is waiting for you? 🧐

We aim to allow you to experience more comprehensive but direct-to-point representations of the social media reports. We hope these unique and fresh look for reports will enable you to uncover meaningful insights that contribute to more successful social media marketing campaigns 🚀 April 2022 - Improvements

Closed beta: TikTok reports 🥳

TikTok social media reports by

After such a long and rough journey, we are glad to announce that new TikTok reports began to be tested with a group of users 🥁 While TikTok was rising so quickly, we enjoyed being the ones who jumped on the train 🙃 Our primary aim is to assist you in understanding and analyzing your TikTok metrics best and most simple way. We know that metrics are the best to consider the bigger picture, lean lightly on analytics, and use them as a source of insight rather than strategy.

What is waiting for you in TikTok reports is includes but not limited to: 

New easy-to-read graphics such as hashtag analysis, view, and engagement distribution, exclusive postcards, and more additional insightful metrics.

If you don’t know where to begin, we are happy to accompany you on that journey! Stay tuned 🤗

Video content reports were updated 📹

Social media reports for video content

Another improvement in the social media management journey 🌞 We’ve improved the display of video content in “page reports.” Previously, the video content in the video content cards was embedded, which was very tiring for the browser, and if there was a lot of video content in the report, it could even cause it to crash 🥺

What has changed now? Well, voilaaa 🥁 We have moved to a solution where we direct these videos to a new tab by pressing the play button if you want to view them with thumbnails 🤗 Enjoy your page reports with sooo many videos now 🥰 April 2022 - Bugfixes
  • Always there: General system improvements 💫
  • No problem, yes publishing! We improved the social media publishing experience on the mobile 💃
  • Some mistakes should only happen at once 🙃 So, we fixed the issue of duplicating “not published posts.”
  • The “supported formats” table of the publishing module is updated. Now, you can see more platforms, sizes, formats, and more 🥳 
  • We’ve made an update on the resources used in the Listening module. No more missing data and the data in the wrong format.
  • April was like this. See you in Beyond Beta May next month with amazing news 🥰 Have a word? Here you go 👉 [email protected] April 2022 - GIF
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