Beyond Beta February 2022 at
Beyond Beta February 2022 at

Peace is always beautiful 🕊

Unfortunately, February of 2022 became a pivoting point in human history and involved shocking and unprecedented events that shook the whole world. Glory to Ukraine! During these hard times as a team, we did our best to follow our mission and have exciting features to share. As Eleanor Roosevelt said “It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

All we can do is to be working harder for a peaceful world! ❤️ 

Here is our February 2022 summary…

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Good news from and TikTok integration soon 🥁 February 2022 - Tiktok analytics integration

There are many different answers when you ask “why use TikTok for your business?”👀 However, after some point, all answers lead in one direction: to grab the attention of your audience. When that is the case, we decided to jump onto the train and started to work for integration with TikTok 🙌 Without giving you many tips, I can assure you that this integration will bring a new approach to your use of TikTok for your business 🙃

Improvements - February 2022

New team performance reports on the way 🙌 February 2022 -team performance reports

Social media engagement reports are expanding, so that you’ll be able to make smarter decisions and evaluate your teams’ performance. We’ve completely re-developed our Engage Module’s backend and frontend to collect more data and visualize it to provide actionable metrics 💃🏻

Stay tuned! You’ll see graphs and metrics such as the busiest time for conversations, new vs. replied conversations by page, team performance overview (number of replies sent, number of closed conversations, median response time, etc) 🔥

Fresh look and feel for reports coming 🍉

social media reports by

Social media reports are an inevitable part of effective social media management and marketing. It is for sure! Hold on to experience more comprehensive but direct-to-point representations of social media reports we designed for you. We wish these new and fresh look for reports will help you to uncover meaningful insights that contribute to more successful social media marketing campaigns 👌

Insightful database improvements 💫

Cleaning GIF

We are currently working on our own database structuring and cleaning 🧹 Well, it may sound a bit technical in the first place, I feel you 😏 To make it more clear and understandable, let me explain what I mean by saying “database structuring and cleaning”. Our aim is to allow you to experience a better and faster platform while managing your social presence 🚀

Bugfixes February 2022
  • We made some general improvements in the system to let you experience better social media management with 💫
  • A comprehensive update was made in the mobile application and related errors were corrected 📱
  • Fixed the issue with IG video sharing and thumbnail selection.
  • The problem in the caption section of IG content sharing has been resolved 🔖
  • Completed the editing for adding YouTube competitor analysis part.
  • That is all from our side for now ❤️ You think we missed something? Give us a heads up 👉 [email protected]

You may wonder what happened last months 😇

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