Beyond Beta November 2021 at
Beyond Beta November 2021 at

Days passed, the trees shed their leaves, and the year is almost over…

Long story short, a lot has changed and continues to change, just days before the new year. Updates, improvements, bug fixes, and many more…Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at November 2021. November 2021 - Good News

Sercan just joined the party!

Let us introduce our new teammate Sercan to you. He is a “Junior Frontend Developer” of our team and user experience is his business. Let’s get to know Sercan better.

​​ November 2021 - Sercan

He is easy-going when the topic is watching movies and listening to music. Every type is my type, he says. Not only playing games but also watching the game broadcasts are his favorite spare-time activities. Sercan has more…It is also possible to get some suggestions -not investment ideas- from him, he is so into reading finance, stock market, and investment books. November 2021 - New Features

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Engage Module

We’ve heard your feedback. Thus we are happy to introduce a new Engage Module that aims to help you fight everyday obstacles and make it easier for social media teams to communicate with their audiences.

What awaits you inside? Here are some of the new features:

New Era for Assignment Process

New Era for Assignment Process

Most social media marketers’ dreams came true — skyrocketing the response times and customer satisfaction. Selecting the right teammate and assigning conversations just got so much easier!

Discover the “Assigned to me” navigation of the new Engage Module. Focus more on your tasks and make your performance more efficient. No more misunderstandings on who does what.

Moreover, no more missing engagements. How? You can reach the “unassigned” engagements in the blink of an eye and assign them to your teammates easily.

Transparent Team Activities

Transparent Team Activities

With the new Engage Module, you can see all the logs in the conversation. The time when the conversation was assigned, who sent the first reply, when the conversation was closed and many more actions are visible now. Enjoy more transparent and clear team activities on the engagement dashboard.

Monitor and Track Team Performance

Monitor and Track Team Performance

Team performance is one of the factors that bring success. Achieving the highest level of performance starts with measuring and monitoring it. Easily track and measure your teams’ performance with the new version of Engage Module.

Better Team Communication with Internal Notes

Better Team Communication with Internal Notes

Of course, internal notes are an inevitable part of teamwork. So, we decided to add something new to it. The era of constantly checking internal notes is over. From now on, internal notes will be visible right inside the conversation screen. No worries, there won’t be any confusion. The color will be “yellow” for the internal notes so that you can easily understand the difference between internal notes and the engagement with customers themselves.

Internal notes allow teams to spend less time discovering what is going on and hop into conversations right away. Effectively managing and transferring knowledge within social media teams boosts satisfaction rates and improves customer support workflows.

Coming soon: 

Team Performance Report Page

Team Performance Report Page

It’s always great to add some fun and joy to what you do! Don’t let the word “report” fool you. This time, we’re talking about another report that brings joy to your team with enjoyable titles. Therefore, we will present you with one of the most pleasant reports very soon. Strengthen your team spirit with reports based on team performance. Stay tuned.

Our blood, sweat, and tears were put into this release. However, life is life and no software is bugs free. Feel free to share your experience and feedback about the new Engage Module and anything else with us!

Engage CTA November 2021 - Improvements

Switch your teams in seconds

Good news for social media managers who are dealing with a variety of social media profiles. Managing many different social media accounts and teams is helpful to develop multitasking skills but sometimes challenging, we know​​. To assist you in this process, we have added a new and really helpful button in our tool. It’s now possible to switch between your brands with one click – if you have more than one team. As we always claim, focus your social media management, we will be handling the issues around for you.

The formulas were added to the tooltip

Calculating gif

You see so many metrics, complicated numbers, and data all around your reports, right? Have you ever gotten curious about the logic and the data behind the numbers you see every time as metrics?

We wondered and then assumed you may also want to know. If so, we got you! From now on, you can see the calculations and formulas behind the metrics called “Engagement rate” and “Completion rate” on your reports. 

We hope that numbers help you to measure and track your metrics easily now

Beyond Beta November - Bugfixes
  • As always, general improvements were completed in the system to better your experience with
  • We are getting really helpful feedback, related to our New Engage Module, and working hard on the bug fixes in any area.
  • We have fixed the issue on reports caused by different time zones. Enjoy your reports -no matter where you are.
  • Special days on the calendar are updated. Now you can keep celebrating them.
  • Fixed the search problems for templates. Automated templates are now very easy to search and use.
  • Another fixed bug: profile pictures for team members. Upload your image with best of your smile.
  • Anything else? Give us a heads up, we are glad to help: [email protected]
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You may wonder what happened last months 😇

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