Beyond Beta December 2021 at
Beyond Beta December 2021 at

Paint the blank canvas of this year with bright and happy colors 🎨

New Year is the time to start a new chapter of life. Happy New Year folks! Every year brings with it new opportunities to mold yourself into what you want to be. What a gift to create yourself from scratch. As, we feel the power of the beliefs so that we are making a fresh start for 2022. Let this year be with us!

Let’s discover what we have achieved and what kind of updates we have made in the final days of 2021. Here is the summary of December for

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Good News

Welcome to the team Pınar 🎉

Let us introduce our new teammate Pınar to you 🥳 She is a “Frontend Developer Intern” of our team and one of the calmest people ever ✨ Let’s get to know Pınar better 🌿


Beyond beta December 2021 - Pınar

Pınar has so many secret talents, one of them is painting – as you can understand from the picture of her 🎨 She claims that she paints as a hobby but we think it is way more than a hobby. She likes to learn languages so that when she has free time, she learns Spanish slowly 🇪🇸 There is no limit for Pınar when the topic is music. She listens to all kinds of music from K-POP to classical music 🎶 While mentioning music, she is a great fan of Russian pianists, she never misses their concerts when they are in Turkey.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our new blog theme ✨ December 2021 - New blog theme gif

The big day has arrived 🥁 It is really one of the biggest pleasures to share that amazing news with you. We have released our fresh, colorful, and live blog theme which we wish to help you to enjoy while reading and learning the latest blog posts about social media marketing ✨

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we waited as Ted Mosby waited for “mother”. However, at the end of the day, both Ted and our lovely team made it 💪 We found and met what we are really looking for for so long. Go check it right here 👉

Hope you also like our new blog theme ❤️

New Features

New post type for LinkedIn: Document 📑

The world’s largest online professional network, LinkedIn has launched a new type for posts called “Document”. It is obvious that document posts perform really well on LinkedIn – where the content is king 👑 In order to keep up with the reactions of your audience, you should track the metrics of it and then plan your next strategy accordingly 🎯 No worries, we got your back 😎 From now on, you will be able to reach your LinkedIn document type posts metrics via under the Report Module while reaching the comments of LinkedIn document type of sharings under the Engage Module.

Mentioning teammates in internal notes 🏷 December 2021 -Mentioning teammates in internal notes

We know that internal notes are an inevitable part of teamwork 🏆 They allow teams to spend less time discovering what is going on and hop into conversations right away ⏰ Hold tight! With the feature of mentioning your teammates in internal notes, you will effectively manage and transfer knowledge within social media teams boosts satisfaction rates, and improve customer support workflows 🚀 By mentioning your teammate in internal notes, you can quickly organize your reply and minimize your response time 💪


Updated Engagement Rate metrics December 2021 -Updated ER metrics

A bit technical but worth mentioning 🔧 This improvement is coming from the “reports”. As you know there is a calculation behind every metric you see 📐 The simplest formula is the best to understand what is going on with the metrics 👌 So that, we have updated the ER (Engagement Rate) metrics on your content, we used to use a more complex and difficult to understand the formula, now we have made it more understandable and efficient for all report types 👨‍💻

Sharing Instagram Stories without text is now possible ✨ December 2021 - IG Story gif

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” as John Keating said 🗣 We agree with that quote but remember in the 21st century we live in, there isn’t always need to add text or word to change the world 🌍 A story, a video, or a voice can have the same or even better effect. So that, we are removing the mandatory text area while sharing Instagram Stories via 🤗 Share your amazing stories as it is with the powerful message in them. With or without texts, it is up to you ✍️ 

Special days are updated 📅 December 2021 -Social media Holiday calendar

Almost every day of the year is some sort of a holiday on the internet and you definitely don’t want to miss the chance to celebrate them with your followers 🥁 Whether it is World Hugging Day, Taco Day, or Halloween; you want your social media accounts to be prepared to properly celebrate 🥳 That’s why our team created The Definitive 2022 Holiday Calendar so you don’t have to 🥰 You can simply reach out to your updated calendar under the Publish Module to see all the special days in a single calendar.

Have you heard 🤔 We have also created a 2022 Social Media Calendar that you can download in seconds and use in your personal calendar? Here you go 👉 2022 Social Media Calendar 

To export with the post or not to export with post…That is the question ✍️ December 2021 - Export reports with/out postcards

We heard your feedback and immediately implemented your valuable recommendation to our tool ✨ This improvement comes from the Competitor Analysis module. We have added a checkbox to the competitor analysis reports – which you can see in the visual above ⬆️ What does it for? Here is the answer 👉 You can now choose to include detailed postcards in your competitor’s reports or not. It is all up to you and away from a single click 🖱️ We are so glad to hear such constructive feedback from you. Thank you all folks, hope you like it ❤️

  • Always essential: General system improvements have been completed to let you experience better social media management 🌿
  • We have fixed the issue of the “links in Bulk actions Excel export”. From now on, export your bulk actions, and olalaa the link redirects you to the destination.
  • See you never 👉 Instagram post filters problems. When you filter any post type in the Report module, you will now only see what exactly you are looking for 🌸
  • Another day, another bug…We have added some magic to our tool to better your experience 🪄Enjoy the problem-free screens now – whatever your screen resolution 
  • Time…What a subjective concept. It may be reasonable in scenarios other than your reports and conversation activities 🙃 No concerns! We have revised the timezone for conversation activities and reports to keep you updated 😉
  • Next in the line: Internal notes 📒 The case with “seeing internal notes as missing” is solved.
  • What else folks? You know where to find us 👉 [email protected]

You may wonder what happened last months 😇

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