Beyond Beta January 2022 at
Beyond Beta January 2022 at

A side of January we didn’t know…🎞

Have you heard that January hosts so many milestones in history? was born, BlackBerry was introduced, Bitcoin launched, and many more. While some of them remained in the dusty pages of history, some of them just hit the road and skyrocketed 🚀

In Beyond Beta January, we may be leaving a new feature, improvement, or bug fix that will be talking about in the future – who knows? 🙃

Here is our January summary…

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Vogue Consulting and their experience 🌿

Vogue Consulting and their experience

💬 We had a fantastic conversation with Cameron Sangster, who has been actively using since he launched his digital marketing agency – Vogue Consulting.

💫 He highlights that “ is very clear, you know that what you buy is what you get. There are no tricks. Additionally, I can pull out analytics not just from the day I signed up. can go back and pull all the data to show me instantly.”

We thank Cameron for spending his time with us. Read more about the case study here 🌿

The globalization journey of “Trends”

We are proud to share any announcement about one of our most precious side projects, “Trends.” As a quick recall in case you are hearing it for the first time ⤵️

“Trends is an open-source platform designed and developed by to help you follow all major mediums in a single page.” 

And now it is on the beta stage for the global and most popular mediums; the scope is from Twitter to ProductHunt. Catch up on the continuous and fastest changes by following these mediums – now with the extended platform and country options 🚀

Discover Trends Beta now!

Do you like watching trailers? 👀 January 2022 - Test data

If your answer is YES, then you are welcome 🙃 You are about to meet with the trailer of 🎬 We have added a brand called “Test Data” which allows you to get used to the and see the system at total capacity – even when there is no data yet. You can see complete reports, experience how to schedule content, generate competitor reports, etc. – even if you use our platform for the first time ✨

A new era for “Excel Exports for Reports”

It is for sure that comprehensive reports help brands to uncover meaningful insights that contribute to more efficient social media marketing campaigns 🚀 We genuinely believe the importance of reports has a huge impact, so we made significant improvements to make the Excel Exports for your reports processes “faster and error-free” 💁🏻‍♀️ Let’s raise a toast to many more successful strategies based on your reports 🥂

Make your customers happier faster ❤️ January 2022 - Engage module notifications

Knock knock…

Who is there? 

Engage Module notifications 

Engage Module notifications who?

Faster and more accurate ones 😎

How does building a loyal and engaged audience on social media starts?🤷🏻‍♀️

Of course, by delivering efficient, accurate, and personalized customer care through social media in the shortest time 💁🏻‍♀️ So that improvements have been made to update Engage Module notifications, they are faster and more accurate now. It is your turn to shine, stay on top of essential interactions, and turn followers into fans ✨

  • As always, general improvements were completed in the system to better your experience with 💫
  • Due to a technical problem, the tool was slow for half a day, but it has been fixed. We are lightning fast as usual ⚡️
  • We have fixed the calculation error in some graphics in the conversation activities report.
  • We welcome people ❤️ No worries, we fixed the bugs in inviting new users for your team.
  • Fixed the errors experienced by trial users in subscription steps 🧚‍♀️ Waiting to see you among us 😇
  • Anything else, folks? Always there for you 👉 [email protected]

You may wonder what happened last months 😇

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