Beyond Beta May 2024 at
Beyond Beta May 2024 at
Sercan edition

Hi there 👋
It’s Sercan from the development team! Today, it’s my pleasure to share our latest improvements, new feature integrations, and bug fixes for May. But first, let me start with a question that is actually a dad joke: 

Why do front-end developers hate nature?

Because it has too many bugs!

Don’t worry, we’re working tirelessly to provide you with the best possible bug-free experience! 😊

Here is our summary of Beyond Beta May 2024! 

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Beyond Beta May - New features

Introducing our newest team member role: ‘Admin’

What’s new?

We’ve added a new team member role, ‘Admin’, to Now, let’s explore the distinctions between Admin and Manager together.


Introducing our newest team member role: 'Admin'

🌐 Workspace access: Admins have access to all workspaces within the system. This means they can view and manage all brands and profiles across the board.

👤 User management: Admins have the authority to manage users within the system. This includes tasks such as adding new users, removing users, and adjusting user permissions as needed.

💳 Billing management: Admins can manage billing-related tasks. This includes updating payment information, managing subscriptions, and handling any billing inquiries or issues.

👨‍💻 Developer management: Admins have the capability to manage developers within the system. This may involve tasks such as adding new developers, removing developers, and overseeing developer-related permissions or settings.


Manager role

🚪 Workspace access: Managers have access to specific workspaces that they have been invited to. This means they can view and manage tasks within these invited workspaces only.

🔒 Limited permissions: While Managers have certain management abilities within their assigned workspaces (such as adding or removing pages, updating tokens, etc.), they do not have access to overarching administrative functions like user, billing, or developer management.

🎯 Focused responsibilities: Managers primarily focus on tasks related to the specific workspaces they are invited to, ensuring efficient project management within those designated areas.

In summary, while both Admins and Managers play vital roles within the system, Admins have broader access and administrative capabilities across all workspaces, including user, billing, and developers. On the other hand, Managers have more limited access. They are focused on managing tasks within the specific workspaces they have been invited to, without administrative privileges outside those designated areas.

🤔 How will this update enhance your usage?

  • Improved collaboration
  • Streamlined operations  
  • Authority to manage users, workspaces, and tasks
Beyond Beta May - Improvements

IG Reels Thumbnail upload is now supported in Publish

IG Reels Thumbnail upload is now supported in Publish

What’s new?

You can now upload custom thumbnails for IG Reels in Publish. Gone are the days of only selecting frames from the video; now, you have the freedom to upload your own files.

🤔 How can this update benefit you?

  • Enhanced experience in IG Reels publishing  
  • Custom thumbnail control and customization

Plan your stories ahead: Introducing Facebook story scheduling

Plan your stories ahead: Introducing Facebook story scheduling

What’s new?

Now, you can publish and schedule your Facebook stories directly from the platform. Plus, you have the bonus option to share Instagram and Facebook stories simultaneously by selecting the appropriate pages.

🤔 Curious about the perks of this enhancement?

  • Streamlined Facebook management
  • Enabled direct Facebook stories scheduling 
  • Greater control and convenience

Introducing expanded video size options for X (Twitter)

Introducing expanded video size options for X (Twitter)

What’s new?

X (Twitter) now enables seamless video publishing and scheduling with support for sizes up to 4096×4096, marking a substantial enhancement from the prior 1280×1024 constraint.

🤔 What are the benefits of this update?

  • Sharper and clearer videos, ensuring your content stands out and captures attention more effectively on X (Twitter).
Beyond Beta May - Good News

Sagatise and their experience 🤝

Sagatise and their experience

In the world of sports marketing in Türkiye, a unique agency places sports at the very core of its mission, Sagatise! Sagatise adopts a comprehensive 360-degree approach to managing every aspect of its client operations, ranging from strategic planning to creating a club’s bible. 

Faruk is one of the oldest and, hopefully, one of the happiest clients of “The data we gather from enables us to be more strategic with our customers, giving us a defensive edge because marketing and advertising are all about defending your strategies, and data is crucial in that regard,” he observes.

We thank Faruk and his team for choosing as their trusted partner and for taking the time to have this conversation with us!

You can read the full case study here. 🙌

Beyond Beta May - Insights
LinkedIn hashtags
TikTok usernames
Beyond Beta May - Bugfixes
  • General: Our latest system and mobile updates are in full swing, delivering an enhanced experience across all platforms.
  • Engage: We’ve squashed the bugs causing user selection problems on the Assign, Star, and Internal Notes features.
  • Left navigation bar – Notifications: We heard you loud and clear! Users couldn’t see the notification icon for brands for a while, but we’re happy to share that this issue has been fixed.
  • Competitors: We’ve fixed the issue where the date range on exported files was wrong and didn’t match what was selected on the platform.
  • Analytics: Due to a bug on Facebook’s side, the number of page likes data was unavailable for a while. But don’t worry, the platform has fixed it!
  • Publish: We’ve resolved the issue that caused errors when TikTok videos were published through the platform.

We’re just a click away! Need a hand? Reach out anytime to our stellar support team at 👉 [email protected] 💌

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