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Reshaping sports marketing with data confidence, via Case Studies - sagatise - Faruk Çolak

Faruk Çolak

Creative Group Head case study - Sagatise



Employee count

2 - 10

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Istanbul, Türkiye


Advertising Services

Key features used

Elevating sports marketing in Türkiye with unmatched expertise

In the world of sports marketing in Türkiye, there exists a unique agency that places sports at the very core of its mission. Sagatise collaborates with a diverse range of clients, including athletes, clubs, federations, brands investing in sports, and businesses aspiring to sponsor sports. Boasting an impressive track record, Sagatise has worked closely with nearly 200 elite athletes individually since its launch in 2016 and currently maintains monthly partnerships with over 25 athletes, fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving business model. The agency's portfolio includes national team-level athletes, clubs, and sports investors such as Eczacıbaşı Sports Club, Aras Kargo Sports Club, Vestel, Turkish ESports Federation, Dynavit Supplements, Melissa Vargas, Gizem Örge, Cengiz Ünder, Mert Günok, Ozan Tufan, Buse Naz Çakıroğlu.

Faruk, the Creative Group Head of Sagatise, emphasizes the agency's differentiating factor: a flexible approach tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. Faruk states, "We run a sports agency that leaves no stone unturned, handling everything from social media accounts to product sales support, merchandise creation, personal investment planning, and event management."

Sagatise adopts a comprehensive 360-degree approach to managing every aspect of its client operations, ranging from strategic planning to creating a club's bible. Their dedication and expertise play a pivotal role in propelling the success stories of their clients, positioning Sagatise as a significant player in the world of sports marketing.

“Sports marketing is still a fresh and dynamic field in our country, representing an entirely new genre for the advertising sector. People often question how a sports agency can understand marketing, social media, and advertising. In response to this, emerges as a key ally for us, empowering our agency and clients with data to address such questions confidently.” Faruk adds. became an integral part of Sagatise in 2016. Having held positions like social media team leader in previous agencies, Faruk notes his usage of since 2014. The transition to was driven by the need to turn their work into data and draw meaningful conclusions from it.

“Our main clients are our athletes, who also serve as brand ambassadors. However, they are not just advertising billboards but individuals with their own unique identities.'s most significant contribution is its ability to target our audience precisely. We comfortably use to ensure our collaboration moves forward positively, as it allows us to identify who our athletes are reaching and which athletes align with our client brands. This flexibility is invaluable, allowing us to match athletes with their target audience.” he continues. assists the Sagatise team in understanding what content works best and which age groups to target, shaping both on-field and online strategies.

“The data we gather from enables us to be more strategic with our customers, giving us a defensive edge because marketing and advertising are all about defending your strategies, and data is crucial in that regard,” he observes

Last year, YouTube Shorts became a pivotal platform for Sagatise. Always having a mission to introduce and gain new audiences and fan bases, Sagatise adapts to new platforms quickly. Whether it is Threads, Telegram, WhatsApp Groups, or YouTube Shorts, they seize opportunities. “We immediately recognized the shift in YouTube Shorts' algorithm, and focusing on it has been successful. Your inclusion of YouTube Shorts in your analytics has also been a tremendous help,” he says. “We also sit down to discuss your informative notifications regarding tool updates and keep ourselves updated with your weekly social media newsletters.” he adds.

Faruk expresses gratitude for's quick responses in addressing questions or urgent matters related to software. Both Sagatise and their clients find the reports generated from to be highly understandable and self-explanatory. Unlike similar software used in the past, they appreciate the Listen and Competitor Analysis modules immensely.

Faruk is one of the oldest and, hopefully, one of the happiest clients of We thank Faruk and his team for choosing as their trusted partner and for taking the time to have this conversation with us!

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