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Using API, Blockwiz excels with data-driven power Case Studies - Kollektig - Ashmat Khan

Ashmat Khan

Brand Manager case study - TatilBudur



Employee count

51 - 200

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Toronto, Canada


Advertising Services

One of the world's leading Web3 marketing agency

Blockwiz, a crypto marketing agency originated in Toronto in 2018 and has since evolved into a global operation; specializes in meeting the unique needs of Web3 brands within the blockchain and crypto space. With a team of 75 members, Blockwiz boasts a track record of 100M influencer views, 15M community impressions, 1200+ verified influencers, 600+ marketing campaigns, and 2500 growth campaigns.

As a strategic partner for 160+ clients in NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, and Gaming, Blockwiz operates with its in-house teams and offers data-driven solutions for global brand expansion. Ashmat’s role as a Brand Manager at Blockwiz entails strategy formulation, project planning, execution and delivery, client relationship management, and reporting.

The unique case of Blockwiz is that they smoothly integrated the API into their Google Spreadsheet and Klipfolio dashboards to automate and streamline their client reporting. Just like Ashmat, anyone who is a user of can efficiently oversee and control their API keys within minutes without waiting for a time-consuming API approval process.

“We plan, execute, and document numerous campaigns for a wide range of clients, and we need to track extensive data. With Analytics, we select the desired metrics and align them with our central business intelligence and data warehouse solutions. Then, we access up-to-date historical data to guide our strategies. The ability to download reports in various formats, such as XLSX, PPT, and PDF, is also a substantial advantage for us,” she adds.

Ashmat also leverages our Competitor Analysis module. By revealing specifics like total paid engagement and hashtag analysis, she and her team
consolidate competitors' historical data in one accessible location. This involves centralizing both published and deleted content, empowering them to establish precise benchmarks. Additionally, they are happy to receive scheduled competitor analysis reports for weekly and monthly tracking.

Now in its fourth year in the marketing industry, she has had hands-on experience with various social media management tools. When asked to compare those tools with, Ashmat remarks, “I appreciate the simplicity of — it's easy to use, uncomplicated, and straightforward to navigate. Getting used to the dashboard and all the modules was a breeze when I was first introduced to the tool through Blockwiz. Your team is helpful and proactive in addressing questions. I also value the effort you put into finding solutions to my specific inquiries.It makes a significant difference.“

“Unlike other tools that often bombard users with frustrating pop-ups, offers a clean interface with no interruptions. I appreciate an interface that is free from unnecessary distractions,“ she smiles.

In this dynamic and somewhat aggressive sector, Ashmat emphasizes the significance of identifying and collaborating with key opinion leaders, who play a pivotal role in disseminating experiences and promoting new crypto brands. Using tools like, Blockwiz ensures agility and innovation in its operations, enabling a shift towards more creative aspects of marketing.

As we reflect on Blockwiz's remarkable journey in the crypto marketing landscape, we extend our sincere appreciation to Ashmat for sharing her insights and experiences with Her positive feedback on the simplicity and effectiveness of our tools resonates deeply with our commitment to providing user-friendly and impactful solutions. We are proud to be a part of Blockwiz's success story and look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting the agency's innovative endeavors in the ever-evolving world of Web3 marketing. Thank you, Ashmat, for choosing as a trusted companion on your journey!

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