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Getting the comfort and security they need and deserve, via Case Studies - adesso - Eylul Turkyilmaz

Eylül Türkyılmaz

Digital Media Specialist case study - TatilBudur



Employee count

500 - 1,000

Website link


Istanbul, Türkiye


IT Services and IT Consulting

A decade of innovation and excellence in IT consultancy

adesso, a dynamic IT consultancy firm, has been at the forefront of technology innovation for a decade in Türkiye and 25 years in Germany. Their comprehensive suite of services includes IT and Business Consultancy, Custom Software Development, and SmartShore, catering to the evolving needs of enterprises, systems, teams, and products. Recently, adesso Türkiye introduced Adwise, a premium consulting structure offering expert services in sectors such as insurance and health, both locally and globally.

One of adesso's remarkable success stories revolves around Eylül, who joined the company when the marketing team consisted of only 2-3 members. As the company experienced rapid growth, so did its marketing needs. ”adesso fosters a vibrant and dynamic team culture, where employees come together not only through their remote work but also through special interest clubs like the diving club and extreme sports club,” Eylül adds. She also emphasizes the flat hierarchy at adesso, where everyone's expertise and opinions are highly valued.

Eylül's proficiency extends to digital media, video marketing, digital channel management, and content creation. She says, ”I’ve always been on the digital side of things, spanning various industries, including FMCG, consultancy, and the IT sector.” In her quest for efficient digital marketing tools, Eylül has explored several options but found to be one of the competitive analysis tools that best fit their needs at the moment. “I’ve used several tools in the past and researched many more. I enjoy trying out various tools and often test their trials. However, I didn't find many trials supporting my purchase decision until I joined adesso, where has been a long-term customer.” she continues.

Working for a B2B company, she primarily utilizes to conduct competitor analysis and monthly reporting.’s user-friendly interface and transparent workflow are one things that stood out for her, making it a preferable option among other third-party tools. She highlights, ”I use the Analytics module the most, and I would like to emphasize the ability to divide the analysis into all available social media platforms. I think this is an outstanding product feature of yours.”

Eylül also applauds the well-organized Competitor Analysis module, noting, “Everything in the competitor report, from the general data to the executive summary, is well-organized. I find your reports very clear and straightforward, allowing me to generate presentations quickly with minimal edits.“

Reflecting on her past experiences, Eylül recalls the time-consuming manual work required for reporting in her previous roles. She reflects, [object Object] Now, instead of wasting time on reporting, Eylül invests her time in developing strategies and preparing higher-quality content. This shift has significantly boosted her productivity, she observes.

Eylül keeps a close eye on our weekly newsletters to stay up-to-date with social media news. She said that she often shares relevant insights with her colleagues and underlined the positive impact this has on the team"s collective knowledge. If you’re not one of our subscribers, join us now!

It was a great pleasure to chat with Eylül and get to know her more. Thank you, Eylül for your time!

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