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Getting the comfort and security they need and deserve, via Case Studies - Kuveyt Turk - Gulsum Gokpinar

Gülsüm Gökpınar

Senior Corporate
Communications Supervisor case study - TatilBudur


Kuveyt Turk

Employee count

5,000 - 10,000


Istanbul, Türkiye



Providing a large number of financial products and services

Gülsüm graduated from Marmara University in Istanbul with a degree in Public Relations, then embarked on a two-year journey in the consultancy field before finding her home at Kuveyt Turk for the past seven years. Over the past few years, she has embraced the dynamic world of social media within the PR department, where she now handles content management and monitoring.

“Our focus is on how to grab the consumer's attention online. For example, consider the process of buying a car. In the past, you'd visit various dealerships and test-drive cars to compare them. Now, you see the vehicle online, like it, then start your research online, compare, watch YouTube videos, and read people's experiences on forums and comments. Essentially, you complete the buying process through an online journey, making the final decision there. As a bank, we've transitioned many of our services online.“

Although they actively use other tools and have experimented with various third-party solutions, none have been as effective and comprehensive as They acknowledge as a robust and valuable solution.
In banking, security is a paramount concern. They greatly appreciate the trust that has instilled in them.

The team logs into 2-3 times daily for revisions, task assignments, and scheduling. Her favorite moment on is when she clicks the 'approve' button, always met with a smile. Their agency primarily handles reporting through

For Gülsüm and her team, comfort is key, and provides the comfort they need.“Manual reporting was a real headache. When we talk about how digital we've become, has brought a significant digital touch. Our relationship with audit units has significantly improved, making it a smoother process.” she adds.

Our Competitor Analysis tool holds a pivotal place in their strategy. They analyze competitor data monthly, conducting a general review every quarter. It's part of their KPIs, and they work closely with their agency on this matter.

Gülsüm highlights that the field of communication is in constant evolution, and in this fast-paced realm of communication, staying up-to-date can be challenging. To keep up with the evolving field of communication, continuous research, work, and reading are essential, she believes.

Shout out to Gülsüm for her time and kindness in sharing her thoughts with us!

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