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Enhancing brand reputation with Case Studies - TatilBudur - Elif Kaya

Elif Kaya

Brand Manager case study - TatilBudur



Employee count

400 - 500

Website link


Istanbul, Türkiye


Travel Arrangements

Facilitating memorable vacation experiences for over 26 years offers year-round holiday and vacation advisory services with 24/7 online booking deals. Established in 1997, it has evolved into a respected brand with a diverse portfolio, including hotels, resorts, holiday villages, boutique hotels, cultural tour packages, cruises, and transportation services, encompassing flights, buses, and airport transfers within and outside of Türkiye.

Despite being a 26-year-old brand and company, TatilBudur adopted a digital approach to marketing around 2020. According to Elif Kaya, the Brand Manager of the company, “Since then, we have added 20 new members to our Marketing Department and undertaken significant technological advancements. While we continue to value and rely on traditional mediums like radio and television, we've also recognized the growing importance of modern platforms such as social media, Google, and YouTube. As a result, we've dedicated both our time and budget to these digital channels, acknowledging their increasing role in our marketing strategy.“

In the dynamic field of advertising, Elif and her colleagues wholeheartedly embrace modernity. TatilBudur's marketing team comprises individuals from both Generation Y and Generation Z, and the company acknowledges the invaluable approach offered by the younger generation. Elif continues, “While we maintain a strong presence within our established target audience, we're also eager to engage with diverse demographics. This approach informs our strategies. Our ultimate goal is to make the travel experience accessible to all, inviting everyone to share and celebrate the journey with us.“

“We are part of the Google Partners program and are pioneering new advertising models, which I find incredibly exciting. Throughout the year, we conduct 2 or 3 brand research initiatives with FutureBrand. Observing and understanding user satisfaction is of immense value to me. We analyze the outcomes, evaluate our customer relationships, and assess the return on investment for our budgets. Do our target audience understand our message? Does our content resonate with our existing and potential customers? We continually improve our image and editorial works based on these insights.“

“Our partnerships with various agencies and the use of tools like have truly boosted our marketing department, leading to tangible enhancements in our brand's reputation,” she notes. They work on our platform for social media message and comment moderation through our Engage module, Analytics and Competitor Analysis.

She was first introduced to at her previous agency, and she mentioned she was impressed with its user-friendly interface. “When I joined TatilBudur, I brought the idea of adopting with me. In my current role, I've seen the tremendous impact it's had on our team.” she expresses.

Elif also finds great satisfaction in brand analysis. It's not just about examining the work of companies similar to 'TatilBudur'; it's personally fulfilling for her. She smiles and adds, “Observing and comprehending it brings me joy,“ and this is where's Competitor Analysis comes in.

“I heavily rely on's analytical capabilities. I conduct brand analysis and generate reports, doing so on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This ongoing analysis helps us evaluate our performance and understand our competition,“ she highlights.

“We've explored other third-party tools, but none offer a comprehensive solution like It combines the functionality of three separate tools into one, providing us with a 360-degree view of our social media efforts. Quick access to multiple features, the ability to generate PDF reports, and access to historical data all contribute to the value provides,“ she emphasizes.

A team of five in their Customer Relations department handles the Engage module. Elif recommended to the CRM department to streamline and enhance their moderation efforts, reducing the need for additional manpower. The CRM team has been using for the past two years.

In addition to moderation, the 'Assign Conversation Owners' feature is particularly valuable for all teams. “This feature has enabled us to efficiently manage and redirect direct messages within our team, enhancing our workflow,“ she adds.

She currently leads the Branding Team, overseeing a team of three individuals, and actively participates in external projects, both as a contributor and a listener. Elif enjoys attending tourism fairs, retail expos, and influential conferences that impact various sectors in Turkiye. These experiences provide her with invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities.

Thank you, Elif, for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!

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