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Streamlining engagement and gaining trust with Case Studies - Mixtiles - Isidora Grbović

Isidora Grbović

International and Social Media CS Team Lead case study - Mixtiles



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Tel Aviv, Israel


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A global company producing high quality and movable photo frames for any surface

In the fast-paced world of social media management, Mixtiles found itself facing the challenge of efficiently managing multiple social media accounts and engaging with its rapidly growing audience.

With 80+ passionate employees, Mixtiles maintains a global presence with its worldwide shipping options, while Easyplant caters to the US market with its innovative self-watering plant systems. Despite a dedicated customer service team of 100+, Mixtiles recognized the need for a powerful social media engagement tool to streamline communication, respond to customers, and gather valuable insights.

We’ve come together with Isidora Grbović, who has been working at Mixtiles for over 5 years and is currently leading the International and Social Media CS Team, to talk about their journey with

She says that over a year ago, Mixtiles experimented with another tool but it fell short of their expectations. Manual cross-checking between platforms and tools caused delays and inefficiencies. The tool lacked essential features, and the team felt disconnected from vital information. This search led them to, which proved to be the missing piece in their social media management puzzle.

With a team of 7 people solely dedicated to social media engagement, Mixtiles now utilizes for all communication, responding to messages, comments, and conversations. Trusting the process and the tool, the team starts each day with confidence, knowing they won't miss a thing. The robust reporting capabilities of were another crucial factor in their decision to switch. With easy-to-access and customizable reports, Mixtiles can now track performance, identify trends, and allocate resources more effectively.

“ became a lifesaver for Mixtiles,” she adds. “Thanks to's intuitive interface and time-saving features like separate saved replies for each account, the team can efficiently navigate through the substantial daily volume of interactions, building up to a workload that is over 18,000 incoming unique threads in a single month.” she continues.

She also mentions that onboarding new team members became a breeze with's user-friendly interface. “Training time has been significantly reduced to just one day, thanks to the tool's self-explanatory nature,” she explains. Isidora also shared that the ability to deactivate the 'close on reply' function is a significant advantage for new team members who may be in the process of gaining confidence in their roles. “In doing so, proved to be accommodating and empathetic, recognizing the varied levels of readiness among its users.” she points out. Furthermore, the platform's performance monitoring features enable Mixtiles to identify the fastest responders and contributors to overall team performance, offering valuable insights for the continuous improvement of the team and its members.

“'s sentiment and category features played a pivotal role in categorizing interactions based on feedback. This facilitated analysis of positive and negative sentiments, enabling timely resolution of issues,” she adds. She also highlighted the significance of customized categories, allowing precise sorting and analysis of data. Armed with powerful insights, Mixtiles can now offer valuable feedback to the marketing team, supporting data-driven decisions.

With, Mixtiles has found the ultimate solution for managing social media engagements, responding promptly to customers, and unlocking invaluable data insights. “This powerful tool of yours has not only streamlined our workflows but also empowered us to make data-driven decisions, strengthened our marketing strategies, and, ultimately, our brand. As our team continues to grow and reach new heights, remains our trusted ally in social media management,” she says.

It has been lovely to speak to Isidora and to get to know what she and her team are up to and how we have been helping them manage high volumes with ease. Thanks, Isidora!

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