Beyond Beta January 2024 at
Beyond Beta January 2024 at
Beyond Beta - Mica edition

Hello everyone 👋

Is there anything more satisfying than a clear desk? As a designer, I can confirm that a clean and organized workspace is like a breath of fresh air, sparking new ideas and creativity. ✨

National Clean Your Desk Day is the perfect opportunity to kickstart a productive year by giving your workspace the makeover it truly deserves. It’s a day to ensure that you begin the new year with a clear mind and an organized, clutter-free desk. We kick-started our day by organizing our desks, setting the stage for laser-focused efforts to enhance Our goal is to make social media management a breeze for you. 🙌

Here is our summary of Beyond Beta January 2024! 

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Beyond Beta January 2024 at - Improvements

Introducing LinkedIn document publishing via! 🙌

Introducing LinkedIn document publishing via!

We are excited to announce that you can now seamlessly publish your LinkedIn posts of the document type directly through Let’s dive into the specifics and provide you with all the details! ✨

What is a LinkedIn document type?

LinkedIn Document is a versatile format that lets you share PDFs in your feed posts. This lets viewers preview and open the document directly and easily. It offers a seamless and convenient way to share important content with your network.

When sharing LinkedIn documents via, what criteria should be considered?

As demonstrated in the visual, you have the option to share your LinkedIn documents with their details limited to a maximum capacity:

Introducing LinkedIn document publishing via

TikTok publishing enhancements: Power to Delete, Edit, and Reject posts before they go live

TikTok publishing enhancements: Power to Delete, Edit, and Reject posts before they go live

Several months back, we introduced the TikTok integration to our Publish module. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding your experience with a host of new functionalities. Here’s what you can now achieve with these enhanced features with different status of your TikTok content status:

  • TikTok post created but not approved yet

When you’ve crafted a TikTok post through that awaits approval, you have several options at your disposal: Edit, Delete, or Approve.

  • TikTok post scheduled with approval

After successfully creating a TikTok post via and receiving approval, you retain the ability to: Edit, Delete, or Reject Approval

  • TikTok post published

If a TikTok post has been published, deletion via is not possible due to restrictions within the TikTok API. Your only available action is to ‘Go to URL’ to view the content on the native platform.

No more unwanted engagement: Block user option is here for Facebook 🛑

No more unwanted engagement: Block user option is here for Facebook

In our ongoing effort to provide you with a safe and enjoyable social experience, we’ve introduced a highly requested feature: The ability to block users directly from the Engage module for Facebook.

With the new block user option, you can now take control of your social media engagement experience by preventing specific users from interacting with you on the Engage module. Simply navigate to the user’s profile on the Engage module, click on the “Block” button, and voila! You’ll no longer receive messages, comments, or visitor posts from that user.

Introducing local and global page names for Facebook in Publish, Engage, Analytics modules 🌍

Introducing local and global page names for Facebook in Publish, Engage, Analytics modules

We are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our platform: local-global page names for Facebook, now seamlessly integrated across Publish, Engage, and Analytics. This enhancement comes in direct response to the challenges many face when managing both local and global brands on social media platforms, particularly Facebook.

By implementing local-global page names, you can now easily differentiate between pages associated with specific regions or markets and those representing your global brand presence. This distinction not only simplifies navigation but also enhances your ability to manage and analyze your social media activities effectively.

Beyond Beta January 2024 at - Good news

Kuveyt Türk and their experience ✨

Kuveyt Türk and their experience

We recently held a highly productive meeting with Gülsüm Gökpınar, Senior Corporate Communications Supervisor at Kuveyt Türk—a leading company offering a diverse range of financial products and services.

She mentions that “Manual reporting was a real headache. When we talk about how digital we’ve become, has brought a significant digital touch. Our relationship with audit units has significantly improved, making it a smoother process.”

A heartfelt shout-out to Gülsüm for her generous time and kindness in sharing her valuable insights with us! ♥️

You can read the full case study here. 🙌

Don’t miss any special occasions for celebration on social media in 2024 🥳

Don't miss any special occasions for celebration on social media in 2024

We’ve updated our Social Media Holiday Calendar! 

Stay ahead of the social media game in 2024 by making the most of our meticulously curated and updated social media calendar! 🗓️ Our comprehensive calendar is your go-to resource for planning and maximizing engagement throughout the year. Stay connected, stay relevant, and celebrate every moment that resonates with your audience. Let the calendar be your guide to creating compelling content and fostering meaningful connections in the dynamic world of social media! 🌐

Beyond Beta January 2024 at - Insights
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Beyond Beta January 2024 at - Bugfixes
  • General: Overall system and mobile updates accomplished.
  • Analytics – TikTok: We successfully addressed an issue related to TikTok video view counts and resolved number formatting challenges within our Analytics platform.
  • Publish – TikTok: We have fixed the TikTok publishing issue, which has been causing posts to remain stuck in the ‘publishing’ status.
  • Competitors: We had an issue in the Competitor Analysis module where some competitors’ posts appeared to be deleted on the platform. We promptly resolved this issue.
  • Engage – Team performance reports: Detected some missing metrics in the team performance reports within the Engage module. To resolve this issue, we’ve enhanced our process, ensuring uninterrupted measurement of your team’s performance.
  • Competitors: Addressed and resolved the issue with missing Interaction and Post types charts in competitor analysis. Enjoy keeping an eye on your competitors!

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