Beyond Beta October 2023 at
Beyond Beta October 2023 at

Attention please: This is not a Black Friday or any other discount message 🙂

For those of us immersed in the world of social media, the dual role of creating and consuming Black Friday campaigns can be quite a challenge. It’s undeniably exhausting! But can you imagine navigating this process without the support of It’s a thought best left unexplored.

In a nutshell, this message isn’t about discounts but rather a reminder of our ongoing dedication to simplifying and improving your social media experience.

Here is our summary of Beyond Beta October 2023! 

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Beyond Beta October 2023 at - Good News

Koçtaş and their experience ✨

Beyond Beta October 2023 - Koçtaş and their experience

We had a great meeting with Yağmur Dörtbölük, Social Media Specialist at Koçtaş, The #1 home improvement retailer in Türkiye.

A company driven by data, Koçtaş relies on to present precise, accurate, and timely insights during crucial meetings. She highlights that “Thanks to, presenting essential data in meetings has become a piece of cake.”’s partnership with Koçtaş has empowered Yağmur and her team to enhance their social media management, ensuring top-notch performance and the continued growth of their online presence. We would like to thank Yağmur for the time you’ve spared us, and we wish you luck in your future career!

You can read the full case study here. 🙌

Beyond Beta October 2023 at - New features

Introducing YouTube Shorts publishing with 😎

Introducing YouTube Shorts publishing with

As you may recall from our previous Beyond Beta updates, we’ve already integrated YouTube Shorts for Analytics. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that YouTube Shorts is also available within the Publish module. 🥳 To get started, simply navigate to YouTube within the Publish module and select ‘Shorts’ from the available types. The process remains the same, including adding a description, uploading your video, and defining the upload time. 🙌

In case you need it, YouTube Shorts is a short-form video platform created by YouTube, allowing users to create and share videos of up to 60 seconds in length. It is designed for quick, engaging content and has gained popularity for its format, similar to TikTok.

Beyond Beta October 2023 at - Improvements

Connect your competitor pages like never before 🚀

Connect your competitor pages like never before

We are pleased to introduce a brand-new experience that is not only more functional but also radiates vibrancy and user-friendliness. We’ve enhanced the process of adding competitor pages to Say goodbye to the old ways as we present you with a colorful and intuitive design, making competitor page addition a breeze. 🙌 With improved functionality and simplified navigation, you can add your competitor pages to in seconds, greatly enhancing the efficiency and enjoyment of your social media competitor tracking.

Introducing enhanced previews, now available in the Publish module

Introducing enhanced previews, now available in the Publish module

At, we value and prioritize your user experience. ♥️ That’s why we’ve taken significant steps to enhance your journey within the Publish module. With these updates, you’ll have the ability to preview your posts with the utmost accuracy, providing you with a clear representation of how they will appear once published on their respective native platforms. 

👉 This enhancement covers various post types, including Instagram Stories and Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok Videos. 

We are deeply committed to ensuring that your social media management experience is not only seamless and efficient but also tailored to meet your specific needs and expectations. We sincerely hope that these improvements serve as valuable tools to support your goals. 🙌

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Beyond Beta October 2023 at - Bugfixes
  • General: We have substantially improved system performance and functionality, enhancing overall efficiency and user experience.
  • Publish – Facebook: We’ve fixed the misleading Facebook post links. Our published Facebook posts are now correctly directing users to the respective Facebook posts.
  • Publish – LinkedIn: Resolved the API-related issues causing video-type posts to be shared without the accompanying video files.
  • Facebook & Instagram: The issues related to page connecting and token refreshing for Facebook and Instagram accounts have been fixed.
  • TikTok – Engage: The issue of incorrectly positioned TikTok comments has been resolved. No more ‘commentary’ on that!
  • TikTok – Publish: We’ve added the much-needed ‘delete button’ for FB Reels. However, you still cannot delete Reels on our platform after publishing due to API restrictions. But rest assured, you can delete Reels before publishing.
  • Listen: We’ve fixed the issues with clickable links in Listen alerts. Previously, the ‘See more’ buttons were not hyperlinked, preventing you from accessing the module directly from the email. This problem has now been resolved, you can now see more! 🙂

Anything else? Simply contact us: [email protected] 💌   

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