Beyond Beta September 2023 at
Beyond Beta September 2023 at

What is social media now? 👀

It’s so hard to understand which social media app is doing what and designed for what in those days…After Threads joined social media, Twitter (aka X) is exploring new ways to stand out. For example, it’s pretty controversial that adding audio and video calling options to the platform may help to differentiate, but this is what it is. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

When all of these changes are occurring, our approach is to closely monitor enhancements and improvements to integrate them swiftly – if they are deemed necessary.

Here is our summary of Beyond Beta September 2023! 

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Mixtiles and their experience ✨

We had a fantastic meeting with Isidora Grbović, International and Social Media CS Team Lead of Mixtiles, a global company producing high-quality and movable photo frames for any surface.

She highlights that “Thanks to’s intuitive interface and time-saving features like separate saved replies for each account, the team can efficiently navigate through the substantial daily volume of interactions, building up to a workload that is over 18,000 incoming unique threads in a single month.”

We’re proud to serve clients like Isidora and Mixtiles. It’s our pleasure to provide a complete solution for social media management, customer responses, and data insights. We thank Isidora for sharing their valuable insights about using ♥️

You can read the full case study here. 🙌

Enhanced TikTok analytics reports are now available on 🙌

Enhanced TikTok analytics reports are now available on

As previously announced, we’ve been closely keeping an eye on the latest TikTok updates and enhancements to swiftly integrate them, ensuring an overall enhanced TikTok management experience for you. Now, let’s dive into the exciting updates in our TikTok analytics reports!

Here’s a quick rundown ⤵️

  • Gain a clearer perspective of your profile’s performance with enhanced “Summary” cards.
  • Get a holistic overview of your TikTok audience with “Audience insights.”
  • Get the data excellence roadmap with “Page and Post insights.”
  • Dive deeper into individual post performance with improved “Postcards.”

Unlock the full potential of your TikTok metrics with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. Seamlessly observe, analyze, and compare your TikTok data while reaping the benefits of valuable content insights from our user-friendly and visually engaging TikTok analytics reports. 📈

Introducing TikTok comment moderation with 😎

Introducing TikTok comment moderation with

Say goodbye to the days of manually handling TikTok comments and embrace a superior method of comment moderation through Engage! We’re very happy to announce our latest improvement, allowing you to effortlessly oversee and manage all your TikTok video comments from a centralized dashboard within 🥳 Experience the convenience of streamlined TikTok comment management through our comprehensive single-dashboard solution, which is equipped with the following key features:

    – Instantly reply to TikTok comments

    – Effortlessly hide unwanted comments

    – Express appreciation by liking comments

    – Maintain control by deleting your own comments

Connect your pages like never before 🚀

Connect your pages like never before

Our previous method of adding pages to has undergone a remarkable transformation. We’re excited to introduce a brand-new experience that’s more functional, vibrant, and user-friendly. Say goodbye to the old ways as we present you with a colorful and intuitive design, making page addition a breeze. 🙌 With improved functionality and simplified navigation, you can now add pages to in seconds, making your social media management tasks more efficient and enjoyable. This is just a small part of our commitment to enhancing your social media management experience on, and we will always have exciting features in store for you. 🥳

Say goodbye to manual searches among categories and attributions in the Engage module 🔍

Say goodbye to manual searches among categories and attributions in the Engage module

We’ve enhanced the Engage module with a valuable addition: a “search” bar for categories and attributions. This upgrade simplifies the task of locating and segmenting engagement data, making it easier to manage and analyze.

We’re confident that this feature will not only save you time but also empower you to extract valuable insights from your data effortlessly. Our commitment to enhancing our platform to meet your evolving needs remains unwavering, and we trust you’ll find this addition to be a valuable asset in your workflow.

Unleash your creativity like never before with IG Reels publishing on! 🚀

Unleash your creativity like never before with IG Reels publishing on!

A game-changing update is here for content creators! The maximum video length has been increased from a mere 60 seconds to a whopping 15 minutes! 🕒

What does this mean for you? 👀

Now, you can showcase your stories, talents, and ideas in more depth, captivate your audience, and take your Instagram Reels to a whole new level. Don’t hold back – unleash your creativity and make your content stand out with longer, more engaging videos on IG Reels, all managed effortlessly through 😎

Beyond Beta September 2023 - Insights
Instagram notes
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Beyond Beta September 2023 - Bugfixes
  • General: We’ve made significant enhancements to system performance and functionality, resulting in improved overall efficiency and user experience.
  • General – Login: We’ve successfully addressed the issue of slowness in the login process. You can now enjoy a faster login experience, making your access to our platform smoother and more efficient.
  • General – User invitation: Issues related to user invitations and adding new users to teams are resolved. Swiftly invite your teammates and experience seamless team collaboration.
  • Engage: We have fixed the error where categories or attributions were incorrectly marked as invalid when selected.
  • Engage – Twitter: The bugs related to Twitter DM file uploads have been successfully addressed, ensuring that you can now upload files to Twitter DMs without any problems or interruptions.
  • TikTok: We’ve resolved the TikTok token update process bug, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience when updating TikTok tokens.

Anything else? Reach out to us: [email protected] 💌   

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