IGTV: We’ve officially launched
IGTV: We’ve officially launched

Hardly a week passes out without an announcement of a new feature that we prepared for you. What a thing, ha? Of course, we were up to something new for you! So, new day, new surprises: IGTV is on Sociality.io now, with its existing features! We are glad to see we can catch up with the changing social media dynamics with you and your feedback so quickly.

Let us introduce and mention more what is waiting for you with that launch — IGTV on Sociality.io. For sure, these will help you to benefit and ease in your social media management and marketing journey.

Little changes that IGTV integration brings:

Engage: From now on, you can manage all comments you get on your IGTV content. Also, if a user mentions you in IGTV content, you will see these comments on Engage Module.

Listen: If you define a hashtag as your keyword and it is mentioned in IGTV content’s caption, you are able to see these results in the Mentions section under Listen Module. 

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Report: You will be able to see the IGTV contents you posted and the interactions they have received in your page reports from now on with Sociality.io.

Competitor Analysis: Yes, you will also see how your competitors’ IGTV contents have performed in terms of reach, engagement, etc. in comparison to your pages. 

Share your feedback with us, if you have any!

What do you think about the news? We hope that this improvement will help you to enjoy Sociality.io even more, but if you have any questions or feedback, you know where you can find us. Simply contact us from: [email protected]. It’s always a pleasure to see you around.

Until next time please be safe and take care of yourself!

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