Exploring Metaverse games: Enter the next dimension with 10 Metaverse games
Exploring Metaverse games: Enter the next dimension with 10 Metaverse games

The concept of the Metaverse has gained popularity in recent years. With industry experts calling it the future of the internet, it is transforming the gaming landscape by providing immersive, lifelike experiences. In fact, according to a recent report, the market size of Metaverse gaming is expected to reach USD 163.4 billion and the number of users to reach 433.9 million by 2030—and these numbers are too big to ignore.   

So, let us explore Metaverse games and enter a world where imagination knows no bounds! 

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What are Metaverse games, and how do they work?

You can imagine the Metaverse as a shared, three-dimensional virtual space that exists in parallel to or merges with the physical world. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) help create these virtual universes which are accessible through special devices and wherein you can work, buy and sell digital assets, celebrate, socialize, build characters with life, and much more! In fact, tech experts define it as something that never pauses, ends, or resets. 

What do Metaverse games look like? 

While the Metaverse is being explored by brands and businesses in various ways, gaming has gained much popularity. In Metaverse games, players can interact in real-time in a competitive environment and immerse themselves in an alternate reality. Usually, players get an avatar that is different from traditional digital game profiles. These avatars can not only play games but also join communities, make connections, etc.  The players can play against artificial intelligence (AI) or other users and even connect with friends to connect, socialize, or experience adventures. 

How to access Metaverse games?

You do not require too much equipment to access the Metaverse gaming world. Here’s all that you may need to access virtual games.

  • A reliable and fast internet connection for a smooth gaming experience that includes high-resolution 3-D graphics. 
  • A computer with high-quality graphics and memory can help enhance the experience. Usually, the Metaverse worlds you want to access provide you with specific PC requirements. You can also access it through your smartphone but there might be some limitations.
  • A gaming console is not necessary but may prove useful when you want to connect your other equipment such as microphone or VR headsets for a more immersive experience. 
  • VR headsets and hand-operated controllers can help you enter the Metaverse. Some options include Google Cardboard, Oculus Quest, Valve and HTC’s Vive, Sony Playstation VR, etc. 
  • AR glasses act like goggles to enhance your VR experience. These glasses add digital overlays onto real-world objects. 
  • Crypto (blockchain) wallets can help you receive rewards, tokens etc. from the Metaverses that rely on blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens(NFTs). The cryptocurrency or tokens can help you buy avatars, in-game assets, NFTs, etc. 

Although these types of equipment are not a necessity, they may enhance your Metaverse gaming experience. 

Getting started with a Metaverse game 

Let us discuss a few things that you need to be familiar with when you start playing any Metaverse game.


Metaverse platforms enable users to create avatars that can be 2D, 3D, full-body, or VR avatars. These avatars represent you in the virtual world. Usually, an avatar is completely customized with different facial features, hairstyles, clothes, etc. Additionally, you can also change your avatars for different games and participate in events, competitions, and much more. 


Non-fungible tokens are supported by most of the Metaverse gaming platforms that allow players to buy and sell virtual (digital) assets. 


This concept is gaining popularity in Metaverse gaming. It allows players to earn digital or in-game assets that have value in the real world. Usually, these items are earned by competing and winning, completing in-game tasks or missions, or progressing to higher levels in the game. 

Portable in-game assets 

Metaverse platforms may allow players to transfer in-game assets such as tokens, treasures, weapons, etc. from one game to the other. This interoperable architecture can help you customize avatars and transfer virtual items in different environments. 

10 best Metaverse games to play

Here is the most exciting part—the 10 best Metaverse games that you can explore for an amazing experience. 


10 best Metaverse games to play - Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world owned by users and was released to the public by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano in 2020. This Metaverse game relies on Ethereum blockchain technology to create a decentralized world wherein users can sell, buy, and develop virtual plots or land (known as LANDs) using the cryptocurrency MANA. 

There are about 90,000 parcels in Genesis City and each LAND parcel measures 16 meters by 16 meters. Be it an art gallery, lavish homes, hangout cafes, casinos, dungeons, or even villages—you can have anything here! 

Players can also sell estates, avatars, names, and wearables in the Decentraland marketplace. They can create scenes, challenges, and artwork using builder tools and participate in events to win prizes. Decentraworld also offers the opportunity to monetize with its play-to-earn feature 

Axie Infinity 

10 best Metaverse games to play - Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe that was released in 2018 by a company called Sky Mavis. It features special, cute creatures called Axies which can be bred, collected, traded, and battled. You can enter competitive tournaments and battles with your team of axies, breed axis with different genetic codes to create new powers and characteristics, create your own village of axies on Lunacia planet where they harvest, build, do crafts, and much more!

Axie is player-owned and users can monetize through AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) tokens. Players can also earn smooth love potion (SLP) tokens for defeating competition and completing in-game tasks. In fact, AXS and SLP tokens are required for breeding axies. 

The Sandbox

10 best Metaverse games to play - Sandbox

Sandbox was first released in 2012 as a mobile game and has now transformed into a virtual world wherein players can build, own, and even monetize their gaming experiences. This blockchain-based gaming ecosystem primarily consists of three products that together offer a user-generated content 

Sandbox gaming ecosystem consists of three integrated products that together provide a comprehensive experience for user-generated content (UGC). 

  • VoxEdit: It is a 3D modeling tool that allows users to create avatars, plants, people, animals, tools, etc. that can be exported to marketplaces as in-game assets. 
  • Marketplace: Users can upload, publish, and sell their creations as tokens in the marketplace. 
  • Game Maker: The users can use the assets on the piece of land in the virtual world. 

SAND is the platform’s native currency or token. 


10 best Metaverse games to play - Illuvium

Illuvium, a recently launched triple-A 3-D game is being touted as the world’s first interoperable blockchain game (IBG) universe that includes an open-world exploration game, autobattler, and an industrial city builder. The players have to hunt for creatures with unique abilities and god-like powers called Illuvials on a ruined alien planet. You capture and control the deity-like fauna into the Shards, slivers of crystals mined from the surface of the planet. Illuvials of the same type can also be fused to create more powerful beasts. 

The armor and weapons are retrieved from the Illuviam environment and Illuvium cryptocurrency, ILV is rewarded for completing challenges or quests. Players can exchange ILV or buy and sell in-game assets on the Illuvium Exchange called illuviDEX. 

Alien Worlds 

10 best Metaverse games to play - Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, a decentralized metaverse runs on Alien Worlds runs on the Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains. It was launched in 2020 and gives players an opportunity to explore the other worlds (six Planets plus Planet B) as galactic adventurers to mine Trilium, the metaverse currency. Explorers get involved in mining, acquiring, renting lands, and voting for governance on planets to influence Trilium and NFT payouts. To become a voting member of a planet, you need to stake Trilium to that Planet.

Players can earn more native tokens and grow their influence by using rare and unique NFTs, battling with other explorers, and completing mining missions. 

Farmers World

10 best Metaverse games to play - Farmers World

Farmers World released in 2021 let players don the role of farmers.  Players can build cow sheds and chicken cops to expand farms, grow and harvest food crops, raise cattle, use their pets to fight jungle monsters to win rewards, and farm GOLD and NFTs by mining and playing in the game. 

The items on your virtual property and the goods being produced are NFTs. For instance,  farm tools, eggs, milk, farm animals, farm buildings, etc. Players need to have a tool to start playing which can be bought using WAX cloud wallet. 

Chain of Alliance

10 best Metaverse games to play - Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is a role-playing and strategy game utilizing the Chromia blockchain technology. The game primarily has three roles—adventurers, creators, and landlords. Players create and collect completely customizable character NFTs for use in PvP games, campaigns, and story-based AI battles to earn new items. Additionally, players can own and manage land in the chain of alliance multiverse. 

The main currency for the in-game marketplace is $COA through which players can trade whole characters, fragments of characters, blueprints, and resources. The game allows players to form partnerships and groups and use each other’s NFTs weapons and assets. To win, players have to place the best team on the field to battle against opponents. 


Minecraft game

Minecraft was first released in 2011 and has become one of the most popular and influential games. The players can explore a 3D world made of biomes. These biomes can include forests, mountains, plains, snowy tundra, taiga, beaches, oceans, swamps, savannahs, deserts, and many more. Additionally, players can build structures, create tools and weapons, and collect resources to thrive in the virtual world. 

The game has also garnered attention for the educational value it brings through its remote learning feature. 



Fortnite was first published in 2017 and since then has grown significantly in game modes, with the most popular being Battle Royale mode. The Fortnite Metaverse is a huge virtual world that has been created within the game and players do fishing, exploring deserts, forests, and much more. Players can create and contribute to the content by building structures, participating in competitions, etc. They can also interact with each other in real time, join forces with friends, and battle against opponents. 

Fortnite Metaverse offers many game modes including Fortnite: Battle Royale, Fortnite: Save the World, and Fortnite: Creative.  This metaverse’s virtual economy relies on the currency called V Bucks and players can earn in-game currency by trading assets, completing quests, and participating in activities. 

My Neighbour Alice

My Neighbour Alice is a multiplayer builder game that utilizes blockchain technology. Players can own and cultivate farmlands and even islands in Alice World, a large island complex. The virtual plots can be purchased from Alice or the marketplace and each piece of land is represented as NFT tokens. In-game assets such as houses, animals, decorations, lakes, plants, vegetables, cosmetic items for the avatar, etc. can be bought in the marketplace. 

The main currency of the game is the ALICE token that enables players to exchange NFTs, buy land, etc. 

Future scope of Metaverse gaming

Metaverse is gaining new heights with every passing day. Players are experiencing next-generation gaming in the virtual world. Innovative technologies such as blockchain, IoT (internet of things), and 3D visualization will further enhance the immersive and cinematic experience of the metaverse games. 

Currently, metaverse-based virtual ecosystems are the latest technological innovation in the gaming industry and gamers are experiencing the next level of environment. In fact, companies are more focused on decentralized gaming projects as it is the future. This has resulted in a new era of gaming, Web 3.0 that enables players to move characters easily from one gaming experience to the other. 

Many experts believe that even in the future, gaming will continue to dominate Metaverse. Players such as Fortnite, Roblox, Unreal, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Niantic have become the key and early movers in this segment and there is no sign of slowing down. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the Metaverse work?

Metaverse is a virtual world and covers various aspects of virtual, immersive experiences such as gaming, attending events, socializing, and much more. Virtual reality (VR) and virtual economics play a major role in how the Metaverse works. VR blurs the line between reality and fantasy worlds, making experiences more immersive. Whereas, virtual currencies enable users to buy and sell digital assets which can also be used for real-life money at cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to enter the Metaverse?

You can access Metaverse easily. All you need are a reliable and fast internet connection, and a PC or smartphone. For more enhanced experiences, you may also need to consider virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, crypto wallets, etc. 

What is the best Metaverse game?

Metaverse games are the future of gaming. New games are coming up and released games are updated regularly. You can have a look at the list of the top 10 Metaverse games we have compiled for you! 

Can you win real money in metaverse games?

Play-to-earn games in Metaverse can give players a chance to earn or win crypto rewards for competing, completing tasks, doing specific activities, etc. Brands and businesses are exploring ways to monetize VR games such as in-game ads, in-game purchases, subscriptions, in-game gifting, etc. 

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