Strengthen your team spirit with team performance report (Yep, it is live πŸ”₯)
Strengthen your team spirit with team performance report (Yep, it is live πŸ”₯)

Grapple with overflowing social engagement? 😩

Buried under tons of notifications for digging for important messages? 😏

Battle to collaborate as a team? 🀯

No worries! It is our pleasure to assist you in that journey 🀟🏻

We are thrilled to announce that β€œteam performance report” is live now!

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Includes but not limited to ‡️ πŸ‘€

Unlock the power in your data with customer support metrics πŸ”“

Customer support metrics from team performance report

Customer support matters at every customer touchpoint. We have developed a new set of metrics to help you keep tabs on where you are now, where you’re doing well with customers and how you need to enhance. Now you will be able to specify improvement areas, understand capacity utilization, and set up straightforward and measurable customer support goals πŸ™Œ

Monitor your team performance and gain actionable insights πŸ”₯

Team performance report from

Ready to gain powerful insights into your team’s overall progress in one report? You better be 😎 The team performance report is the best place to monitor your team productivity, specify when your team is overloaded, and help you make the right decisions to best serve your audience. Enjoy the team performance reports. Now you can figure out and see all of them in one report!

Lead the conversations with conversation activities insights 🦜

Conversation activities from team performance report

Timing and efficient planning is core to boosting social media engagement πŸš€ By working on the inputs you derive from team performance reports’ conversation activities metrics, you will be better equipped to deliver remarkable engagement leading to a satisfied audience, greater loyalty, and a positive brand reputation πŸ‘Œ It is showtime! Analyze and work on the busiest times for new conversations and make the movements.

Export your reports in CSV and XLS format πŸ“„

Export as CSV and XLS options from team performance report
Export as CSV - team performance report

The team performance report includes so much insightful data. So you can easily manage your online presence and set realistic goals for your entire team without all the tedious data collection. What is better than having such a report is being able to export those reports for many different formats – like PPT, PDF, CSV, and XLS. Choose the format you feel comfortable with, and we will handle the rest!

Attention please πŸ“£

Historical data will be depreciated

The report type under the β€œHistorical data” will be depreciated by 01 June 2022. If you want to keep your data, please be sure you saved your reports before the mentioned date. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach them πŸ₯²

Feel free to share your experience and feedback about the new team report! Glad to help and here for you πŸ‘‰ [email protected] 🀍

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