4 unique Facebook Creator Studio features you won’t find anywhere else
4 unique Facebook Creator Studio features you won’t find anywhere else

Facebook never stops surprising us with new tools that aim to make the user experience more efficient. Creator Studio is one of those examples that change the way content creators used to schedule pictures and videos and analyze their performance. 

In this article, we’ll share why Facebook Creator Studio exists and what are its powerful hidden features you can implement to achieve excellent results. 

We are here to show you 4 cool features that are unique to Creator Studio (aka you won’t find them in a typical social media managing platform). And we’ll show you how you can use them to achieve your marketing results. 

Besides, you also are probably wondering if Facebook Creator Studio is the ultimate competitor of social media managing platforms like Sociality.io?

Facebook Creator Studio Home

So let’s get started!

If you want to learn in detail about each module inside the Creator Studio, Facebook has prepared helpful content that explains everything you need to know about it. Besides, the onboarding process is quite straightforward. 

“Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, monetize, and measure content across all of your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts.”

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1. Facebook Creator Studio Insights 

Facebook Creator Studio Insights

Understanding engagement and performance metrics is vital for making sure that your content stays relevant and is achieving its goals. It is common for social media managing platforms to prepare long reports with a broad spectrum of possible metrics. However, even the most advanced managing platforms don’t provide information about your Earnings. (Also, not every SMM platform shows audience data.)

Creator Studio is aiming to mimic Youtube creator studio, and they are slowly checking the water of monetizing Facebook creators’ videos. 

Thus, inside the tool, you can check your estimated earnings, discover some “advanced” insights about your audience across all of your Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Here is a list of 3 main metrics that are unique to Facebook Creator Studio. 

  1. Minutes viewed: The total number of minutes your videos were played, including time spent replaying the video.
  2. 3-second video views: The number of times your videos were played for at least three seconds within the selected time range.
  3. 1-minute video views: The number of times your videos were played for at least one minute.

The majority of social media platforms only show you data on the Total amount of views, but Facebook took a step forward and shows how long, on average, people watch your videos. The metrics are available in the “Retention” tab under “Insight”. 

The rest of the metrics: 

Followers activity, Audience age, Gender, country, Language, Interests, Active hours. Average Time People Spent Watching, How Long People Are Watching, Returning Viewers, Complete Views, Minutes Viewed, top content. (Well, the list is minimal…) 

In comparison, here is a list of metrics that Sociality.io Facebook Report includes:

Growth of fans, Maximum daily growth of fans, Minimum daily growth of fans, Daily average of growth of fans, Like types, Distribution of fans (Country, city, language), User activity, Most active fans, Influencers, Page posts, Post types, Total Page Reach, Total Page Impressions, Total post reach, Total post impressions, Engagement rate, Maximum Daily Engagement rate, Minimum daily engagement rate, Total average engagement rate, daily average engagement rate, Total interactions, Maximum & minimum total interactions, Daily average total interactions, Video views, Unique/repeat views, Auto/clicked to play views, 30- second video views, 30-second unique/repeat views, 30- second auto/clicked to play views, and Top content. 

Insights obviously are not aiming to become an ultimate alternative to the advanced social media management platform. However, it does have a few unique metrics that are worth checking out. 

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2. Facebook Creator Studio Monetization

The monetization tab aims to be your go-to place for in-stream ads and fan subscriptions.

You can check your eligibility and apply for in-stream ads and fan subscriptions. Once you get the approval, the Monetization tab will help you to edit your payout settings, view statements, manage in-stream ads blocklists, and promote your subscriptions.

Inside the tab, it shows the eligibility of your pages for monetization. This is an example of why a page can be denied in monetization. 

Facebook Creator Studio Monetization

There are several ways creators can monetize content on Facebook:

  1. Include ads in your videos
  2. Add a paid subscription to your Page
  3. Collaborate with business partners on branded content

How necessary is this feature for social media marketing agencies and business owners? It is a very debatable topic since the content is an assent used to attract people to your brand, provide value, not so much to earn money from it… 

Again, the Facebook Creator is developed for creators, aka individuals who like to create content for entertainment or educational purposes of expressing their vision, sharing their stories and talents. Businesses usually have different goals.

3. Rights Manager

Facebook Rights Manager

The right Manager helps you to protect your content by detecting audio and video content matching yours both on Instagram and Facebook. 

You need to apply and be approved before having access to the Rights Manager. (Also, only Page Admins and editors have access to Right Manager). So you can use this tab to protect your valuable content! 

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4. Facebook Creator Studio Sound Effects

Facebook Creator Studio Sound Collection

Due to copyright difficulties, it is a big challenge to find the perfect sound effect for your videos. The Sound Effect tab makes it easy to find the right music by giving your access to explore thousands of tracks you can use for free. The mix of songs, vocals, noises, and instrumental tracks covering all possible genres are available in an open library. 

“Choose from a variety of music and sound effects to download and include in your videos from the Sound Collection section within Creative Tools. The best part? All the tracks are free.”

Although resources similar to Sound effects are available on the websites, no social media management platform can offer you this feature. 

Take a note. Creator Studio can become your go-to place for copyright-free music for your videos. 

To wrap it all up, 

Coming back to the question: “Is Facebook Creator Studio is an ultimate competitor of Social media managing platforms like Sociality.io?” Check out the Top Social Media Reporting & Analytics Tools article for more details about the advanced platforms.

Facebook Creator Studio and social media managing platforms aim to solve different needs while still having some similarities in their approaches. 

In this article, we wanted to show how businesses and social media marketing agencies can benefit from Creator Studio and uncover hidden features that you all might find helpful in achieving your results.

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