How to Delete a Facebook Group?

How to Delete a Facebook Group?

Some things are easy to start and so hard to finish. A huge number of people come to Facebook to create groups or business pages. However, sometimes you also need to delete them. And if creating pages is highly encouraged by social media by simplifying the process. The opposite comes with deleting the page. Since you are googling how to delete a Facebook group, you probably didn’t find the “Delete Group” button. It is not hidden, it simply doesn’t exist. 

Don’t worry. Just because there is no single button to click on, doesn’t mean that deleting a Facebook group is impossible.

Facebook Delete Group - More

So, as we said, it’s useless to search for the “Delete Group” button. The developers of the social network really tried to keep their users involved. 

But still, there is a method available on Facebook that solves the problem. It is important to do everything step by step. Let’s get started!

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A side note before we start

Please don’t delete groups without notifying its members. Some people share true friendship and memories in comments and publications. Maybe you could offer somebody else to become an Admin and leave the group without deleting it. Or at least notify its members about your actions. 

Option 1: Delete members

Only the group’s creator can delete a group unless the creator has left. In that case, any admin can delete the group. 

First, go to the “Members” section at the left side menu bar. 
The next step is going to be upsetting and annoying. You should prepare yourself for a long and monotonous work, the volume of which directly depends on the number of members in your group. If the group has less than 100 members consider yourself lucky. Deleting a couple of thousand people is going to take days because each participant needs to be manually removed.

Facebook Delete Group - Member Remove

So, next to each name you will see an icon in the form of 3 dots, which you need to click on and select “Remove from Group”. After that, the system will ask you to confirm your intentions. Click “Confirm” and you’re done. The member is deleted. So, now you only need to do it until the very last member. 🙂

Facebook Delete Group - Remove Member

Note: Don’t delete yourself first. 

It is very important to remove the creator (administrator) from the group last. Why? If you remove the administrator, the group will turn out to be unmanageable, you will not be able to delete members who will automatically receive an offer from the system to become the leader of your group. 

The captain is last to leave a sinking ship

To complete the process of deleting a group, you as an administrator must leave it. This must be done like a captain of the ship that is sinking – the last.

Facebook Delete Group - Leave Group

After that, it is enough to confirm your intentions and “voila” – you are removed from the group and can no longer do anything about it. In the end, the “Delete Group” button that you have been looking for will appear. If besides you, a group is managed by several more administrators, they must be deleted before you delete yourself. Otherwise, you will have to ask them to complete the entire process.

As soon as you click on the “Leave and Delete” button, it will forever disappear from the history of Facebook.

Facebook Delete Group - Leave and Delete Group

Option 2: Archive

Before you go back and delete your profile, take a look at another feature that is similar to deleting a group but is less time consuming, irreversible and keeps peoples’ memories. 

Archived groups are technically inactive and don’t appear in the search results for the general public expect group members. Remained members still will maintain access to all photos, publications, and threads to view. Also, no new members can be invited or join the group. 

Admins can still block and delete people and threads but the group descriptions cannot be changed.

The beauty of archiving groups in its irreversibility. Once you change your mind you can unarchive the group and bring it back to life. 

After all, a Facebook group with a large following is a true asset for your business you can continue benefiting in the future after even the longest break.

Facebook Delete Group -Differences Between Archiving

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Take outs from this How-to article:

✨  Don’t search for the “Delete group” button. It doesn’t exist. 

✨ To delete a Facebook group, you must delete all the members and admins first. 

✨ The only creator of the group can delete the group. (Only if the creator has left the group an admin is given this access) 

✨ Don’t delete a Facebook group without notifying people about it. Please respect people’s friendships and the memories they have in the group. 

✨ Try to assign a new admin and leave the responsibility to a person, who is willing to continue managing it. 

✨ Archiving a group is irreversible, easy and keeps people’s memories in place. Consider it as an option. 

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